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Watch super, simple RCP delivery. You need this.

Posted on May 29th 2013

Let's cut to the chase. RCP delivery is messy work that often requires you to become a build & release manager overnight. Why waste time doing it yourself? Check out this 30 minute video showcasing our Secure Delivery Center (SDC) SR2 update with visual RCP delivery, done right. Cool, right? Also, here' the slide deck used for you to mull over what SDC is all about.

Here's the feature list in our newest update: RCP Delivery
  • Visual discovery of your RCP
  • Your RCP - no changes needed
  • UI & API for updates (your choice!)
  • Native installers
Crazy Networks
  • Network partitioning
  • High availability
  • Ricer proximity capability
Workspaces on Steroids
  • Git project set imports
  • Managed target platforms
  • Auxiliary file enhancements
Updates Controlled
  • Check for updates on start up
  • Force restarts after updates
  • Custom updates via APIs
Continuous Delivery
  • Automate package updates
  • Even more Ant options
Easier Custom Packs
  • Deliver your app on SDC
  • SDC as a platform
General Goodness
  • Compatibility with Eclipse 4.3 Kepler
  • Murdered 200 bugs
  • Performance enhancements
Want to learn more? Email us for a custom demo of how SDC can make your life easier (there's literally 1 zillion use cases for SDC): info//at//genuitec//dot//com

Free Webinar: Tired of the Time and Expense of InstallShield or InstallAnywhere?

Posted on Apr 1st 2011

Are you tired of spending the thousands of dollars and the hours of time demanded by an installer software firm that (until now) has seemingly had the market cornered?  To this point, we've all either cobbled together our own time-consuming solutions to the software installer problem, distributed our wares by tired Eclipse update site mechanisms or paid way too much money to one company for the privileged of using their installer solutions. Join us on Tuesday, April 26 at 12pm EDT to learn how a $95 installer named OneInstall beats the competition at software delivery, analytics and customer experience, as we demonstrate how to deliver your fully white-labeled software to end-users in a matter of minutes. Register Here! In this free webinar, you will learn how to quickly and easily create cross-platform installers for your Eclipse software products and RCP apps instead of spending hours wrestling with your build box. Really, there is no need to spend thousands of dollars on InstallShield or InstallAnywhere. Genuitec's OneInstall, while perhaps new to you, is already used by the biggest-named IT companies to deliver software to your desktop. In fact, it's likely you've already experienced OneInstall and liked it. Because our lawyers make us, we must inform you that InstallShield and InstallAnywhere are trademarks or registered trademarks of Flexera Software.