Genuitec's Blog: November, 2016

How to Manage Eclipse Behind the Firewall

Posted on Nov 14th 2011

Register for a FREE WEBINAR this Thursday on managing Eclipse tooling behind your firewall with Secure Delivery Center. Managing Eclipse IDEs behind the firewall can be a pain in IT’s rear. Why? Well, maybe you want to.. Manage IDE update timing more effectively Lock down Eclipse tools Update … Read More

MyEclipse Joins the Rebellion: Announcing ZeroTurnaround’s “JRebel for MyEclipse”

Posted on Jul 26th 2011

As announcements go, this one we’re psyched about – announcing the Jolt and JAX awarding technology, JRebel for MyEclipse. From  ZeroTurnaround,  JRebel is now available for MyEclipse customers as an easy-to-install plug-in. 30-Day Free Trial / Learn More Why are we excited? A lot of technology companies throw … Read More

The Only Spring IDE You’ll Ever Need

Posted on Feb 10th 2011

According to a number of surveys, including this one from ZeroTurnaround, Spring is the most popular Java framework on the market with the highest adoption rate among developers. What’s interesting is that last year when Skyway Software and Genuitec conducted our own market research, we came to same … Read More

MyEclipse 8.5: Collaboration Application Lifecycle Management Delivered

Posted on Mar 30th 2010

MyEclipse Blue Edition 8.5, simultaneously released, also includes much-requested Linux support, portal development and Websphere application editor and configuration management. Today we’re pleased to announce the latest production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench. The newest release includes updates for many popular open source frameworks (including Spring and Hibernate), … Read More