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MobiOne – Using the Outline View

Posted on Aug 19th 2011

The Design Center includes an outline view for visualizing and modifying the hierarchical structure of design components. The hierarchy is presented in the form of a component tree similar to how Windows Explorer presents the hierarchy of folders and files. The components in the tree are either containers of other components or simple components. Example containers include Panel, Navigation Bar and List. Examples of simple components include Text, Link and Toggle. Containers are depicted in the tree with a plus sign, indicating that there are components contained within. The top-most component represents the Design Form. Read more of this article, here.

Posted in : Eclipse, Genuitec, Java, MobiOne

Applying Page Transition Effects to Mobile Apps – MobiOne

Posted on Jun 28th 2011

The MobiOne Visual Designer enables user interface pages to be linked together such that users of your app can navigate forward and backward through the app’s user interface. In addition to specifying the linkage between pages, users can also specify the visual transition effect for each link. You can control the transition effect of a link by setting the Link Transition property for the design element that links to a new page. MobiOne provides a rich set of custom transitions such as slide left, slide right, slide up, slide down, fade, flip left and flip right. Or, you can choose to have no transition. **Finish article here** Download MobiOne Cheers :)

Posted in : Eclipse, General, Genuitec, Java, MobiOne

MobiOne iPhone Emulator – New Visual Designer Features

Posted on Feb 19th 2010

For the marketers and art departments, and the even developers out there, we've improved the experience of visually creating mobile apps with new templates that allow users to get up and running quickly. With drag-n-drop capabilities, the new MobiOne Visual Designer promises to get your app looking great without needing any skills other than your imagination. Once your app is visualized in the iPhone emulator, MobiOne empowers you to hand off the project to your development teams for implementation. And what's more, MobiOne is free. Try it out, and if you're creating something really cool send it back to us and we'll look at including it in our template library. InfoATgenuitecDOTcom

Posted in : General, MobiOne