Genuitec's Blog: November, 2016

MyEclipse 2015 CI 3 Now Available: The blood of our developers went into this launch

Posted on Aug 7th 2014

MyEclipse Continuous Integration Stream version 3 has – updated Spring Tool Suite to version 3.6.0 from 3.5.1, and fixed an issue that prevented iOS binaries from being installed on devices. Read More

MyEclipse 2014 – Whizzbang!

Posted on Feb 11th 2014

This year, right now 2014 is proving to be a powerful year for our MyEclipse development tool stack. Since the release of our latest workbench in mid-December, we’ve had some incredible uptake from new customers and plenty of news articles written about MyEclipse 2014. On the off-chance that … Read More

MyEclipse Bling: Your Sonic Screwdriver

Posted on Oct 22nd 2013

You may have noticed over the last couple of weeks that we’re doing a huge promotion in honor of the upcoming Day of the Doctor, wherein we’re giving away a Doctor Who Tardis. In fact, you can click here to enter to win: One of the coolest gadgets … Read More

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