Posted on May 16th 2012

Secure Delivery Center (SDC) is a marketplace that IT managers set-up and maintain to provide the exact tools, plugins and version numbers to their different project teams.

Consider SDC for your organization, if...

You've had a project break because the right version number of a development tool wasn't used. Or maybe a project fell apart because a developer on your team used a different set of tools they thought were better than what was required. Maybe you're sick of writing wikis or lengthy emails in hopes that your team follows the instructions to a tee. Or, you want an easy to view marketplace of all the tools you use in-house with ability to track usage among team members.

If you like what you hear, as some well known companies already have, then check out this technical overview of SDC presented in slide deck format. If you have any questions contact: info//at//genuitec//dot//com

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