Posted on Jun 29th 2010

Pulse has nearly a million users, and popularity is at an all-time high among Eclipse developers. But Pulse is also expanding on the corporate front by helping enterprises customize, manage and deliver their software to end-users.

Just recently, one of largest, most well-known software and hardware vendors in the United States faced a daunting task; requiring ten thousand developers to standardize on Eclipse Open Source-based tools using Linux machines. Under new leadership and direction, this Fortune 50 company considered building their own software delivery mechanism but did not have the desire to 'own' and further manage it. The organization also required different teams to have unique Eclipse tool stacks, so a 'one-size-fits-all' technology would not work for this company.

For this complex task, this company chose Genuitec's Pulse as the the preferred solution to easily integrate and deliver their wares. With additional concerns about updates to software, pushed updates, bug fixes and more, this company discovered that Pulse can scale to meet delivery concerns at very little cost.

The full case study on how Pulse is helping Fortune 50 companies make software delivery easy can be found here.