Posted on Jun 12th 2009

Also included are a unique Visual SQL builder and UML2 for the creation of enterprise applications in an easy to understand MyEclipse dashboard

Genuitec today announced the production release of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench 7.5 and Blue Edition. The newest release delivers extensive speed upgrades, including a powerful VisualVM Java Profiler, remote WebSphere deployment, UML2, a unique Visual SQL Query Builder, ICEfaces 1.8 support and upgrades to MyEclipse's Visual Designers.

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"MyEclipse 7.5 is by far the best integrated development environment in the market today; enhancements were made across the entire platform to satisfy our customer's needs and requests," said Wayne Parrot, vice president of product development for Genuitec in a recent press statement. "The software now includes a MyEclipse-only Java Profiler that rivals anything on the market for ease of use and simplicity."

Customers will enjoy VisualVM Java Profiler support that opens the configuration aspect and UI flows that now includes Netbeans-only profiling options. Additionally, VisualVM has many features not available in the standalone VisualVM Eclipse plug-in.

Setting the industry bar a notch higher, the new Visual SQL Query Builder connector delivers complex SQL queries with an unparalleled, intuitive visual query building interface.

Other key features include ICEfaces 1.8 tooling enhancements, Visual Web Designer and XUL runner upgrades.

MyEclipse 7.5 Blue Edition users will enjoy Remote Websphere Deployment that now includes WAS 6 and WAS 7 (including debugging). Also built-in are deployment over HTTP and HTTPS, and support importing the SSL certificates from the HTTPS connection.

MyEclipse 7.5 is delivered on top of the newest Pulse Eclipse Management Platform, which allows users to efficiently customize and maintain their MyEclipse environments both at the individual and corporate level. Subscriptions to MyEclipse are available annually for about $30, $50 or $150 for the Standard, Professional and Blue editions.