Posted on Jun 25th 2012

Webinar on Tuesday, June 26 at 12:00 P.M. EDT. All Eclipse developers must migrate to Eclipse Juno as the Eclipse 4 release presents a significant re-write of the Eclipse user interface foundation. When tasked with developing new, unique developer tool stacks consider Genuitec's open source management technology, Secure Delivery Center 2012.

We're revolutionizing the processes for delivering and managing open source Eclipse software with our Secure Delivery Center 2012 (SDC). Eclipse Juno, the latest release of the open source Eclipse integrated development environment (IDE), will be available immediately inside SDC upon its release on June 27.

Join us for a free webinar on how to use SDC to deliver unique Eclipse Juno tool stacks to your enterprise team.

Who: Tim Webb, product manager for SDC

What: Eclipse Juno Delivered To Enterprise Teams

When: Tuesday, June 26 at 12:00 P.M. EDT


(Please download Citrix GoToMeeting software a few minutes ahead of the start time).

We've seen Eclipse Juno at its build stages and it’s the most slick and intuitive IDE the Eclipse Foundation has created yet; since we're always improving on Eclipse technology, Genuitec has taken the delivery process one step further and developed SDC as a means to easily create and share unique tools stacks for Eclipse Juno users.

Since the Eclipse Foundation is moving to the e4 [Eclipse 4.2] platform as the new standard with Eclipse Juno, we've taken the opportunity to make the process much simpler for the enterprise by allowing users to start securing and customizing their new tools right away. They can then deliver them to end-users inside the company firewall.

Enterprises use SDC to manage open source technologies so their software developers, engineers and architects are locked-down on only company approved tools. By using SDC to get the new Eclipse Juno, companies will avoid breaking software builds by sending out only corporate-approved versions of Juno to their teams.

Equipped with drag-and-drop functionality and a beautiful and intuitive user interface, SDC allows IT managers to grab the new Eclipse Juno, set regulations on its usage, pick the parts they need for their project(s), then package and send their enterprise flavor of Eclipse Juno globally to their developer teams.

See Secure Marketplace in action with an upcoming webinar on Secure Marketplace and Eclipse Juno:

Likewise, SDC is ready for out-of-the-box for installation at the below link, where an IT manager can download it first, and then get Eclipse Juno from the Eclipse Marketplace.

SDC starts at only about $45 per developer. Contact for more details.