Rocio Trujillo
Graphic Designer and Social Media enthusiast.
Posted on Nov 20th 2015


OK so here is a recap of how our Webclipse launch went up to this day. It seems like it was just yesterday we were announcing our early adopters phase, and now we are announcing it is ready for general use. Look at us, growing up and stuff!

Get Webclipse CI 6

Since the very beginning we were amazed by the response of our early adopters, bloggers, and just supporters in general. Our users have helped validate that indeed we can add more awesome to Eclipse.

Free can still be Free

As many of you know Webclipse started out free. I could say it was all part of our evil plan to make you fall in love with us and then charge you (Insert evil laugh here), but I would be lying. There were many things that we took in consideration before adding our free & paid plans to the equation. Let me explain how Webclipse can still be free for you, and how adopting our paid plan won’t leave you broke.

I would like to add that our team keeps working on adding features to Webclipse that will always be free. We believe is important to make our paid plans attractive, but it is also as important to make sure our users on the free plan also get a whole lot of goodies.

Paid Plan? You get to figure out if it’s really needed. No pressure.

First off, if you already have a Webclipse early adopter subscription, your plan hasn’t changed.

Our newly-designed pricing is based on points. Yes, points! Let me explain. With our early adopter phase we were able to determine how much an average developer uses certain functions of Webclipse, and we carefully applied that to determine how many points you get for free each month. Each month each one of you get a budget of 500 points. Each of our Pro features accumulate different amount of points – we do keep always-free features like Slack integration and Minimap as well. 500 points gives you plenty of room for stuff like JavaScript Debugging and REST Inspecting…

So you are a rock star and our 500 points are not enough for you, then check our super accessible paid plan. You get rid of limits, you get perks like professional support in forums by Genuitec staff & access to Slack channel. The best part? You only pay $29 a year! (That’s right, I said a year). Less than 3 bucks per month! 

Thank You

We believe that you should have all the resources to make your coding experience awesome, and we want to make the tools to do that available to every developer, at every level. For us, from constantly adding new features to having usage plans to suit different needs, we are taking a big step to help make Webclipse accessible. We hope you’re as excited about them as we are! As always, we’re excited to hear your feedback.

Visit our newly-designed pricing page for details.