Posted on Aug 11th 2015

Here is the Twitter chat recap in case you missed it!

Q1. What’s Webclipse really about? #genuitecchat
A1. Like our tag-line says, Webclipse is a suite of add-ons delivering the missing pieces of @eclipse to improve modern web dev
A1. We have a modern #JavaScript debugger for both Web and @nodejs applications, Hot-Reload to reduce forced restarts
A1. We also have REST Inspect for easy visualization and testing of RESTful web services in @Webclipse

Q2. What exactly is supported for JavaScript debugging?
A2. Right now you can debug #JavaScript in JS, HTML or JSP files. Conditional breakpoints, expressions, etc. are supported.
A2. Inspecting variables live during #JavaScript debugging
A2. Debugging happens in @googlechrome for now, though we're looking at adding support for other browsers too, based on demand

Q3. What versions of Node are supported for Node debugging?
A3. Our debugger works with @nodejs v0.10, v0.11 and v0.12
A3. Here’s a screenshot of the Node debugging in action

Q4. For debugging JavaScript in Web applications, does it need to be a Java EE web application?
A4. No, #javaee is not required, though we will be working on making general Web debugging more intuitive - stay tuned!
A4. Here’s a link to our documentation for #JavaScript debugging:
A4. Debug configurations in @Webclipse

Q5. How do you get @Webclipse installed into #Eclipse and is there any cost?
A5. You can install it from the Eclipse Marketplace or from
A5. Webclipse is entirely free as part of the Early Adopter Program

Q6. If you use @MyEclipseIDE, how do you get @Webclipse features?
A6. @MyEclipseIDE users will receive these features in MyEclipse 2015 CI 14 due this week!

Q7. If you have questions about @Webclipse, where is the best place to go (other than @Webclipseon twitter!)?
A7. Our forums are the best place to engage with @Webclipse developers

We'll see you on our next #GenuitecChat on August 25th
10 am NY, Stay tuned! ;)