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Hello! here is the Genuitec Twitter chat recap! in case you missed it ?

Great! Its been a while since we last chatted about . Why don’t we start off with some catching up!

Q1 What’s new in and land?
A1 The highlight of recent releases has been support for , as promised in 2016 CI 6, and improved in CI 7
A1 We support editing with auto-completion, validation, automatic building, navigation, etc


A1 We also added , allowing you to search from within easily for an error


Q2 Great to hear about TypeScript – does that include support for 2.0?
A2 Glad you asked! 2 support is coming in 2016 CI 8 of &
A2 As usual, all the config is tsconfig.json backed & we support the newer types, typeRoots, lib, … properties

Q3 was coming shortly after CI 6 — is it close?
A3 We chose to bring the CI 7 release forward to fix user-reported issues and add a few requested issues early
A3 You can already do development in CI 7 with support; significantly improved tooling is coming in CI 8

Q4 What features will be supported in for ?
A4 CI 8 comes with comprehensive support for front-end development
A4 integration, intelligent terminal, validation, auto-complete, wizards & more

Q5 How will I deploy and debug apps from ?
A5 Run ‘ng serve’ from the command line or use the project node in the Servers view – we’ll detect the deployment


A5 Debugging applications is a one-click process. You can even place breakpoints in files.


Q6 integration in an IDE – how does this work?
A6 Good question. Our wizards use the to generate new projects or elements,ensuring standards compliance
A6 Our Terminal+ view ensures the right versions of , & are used by setting up the CLI environment

A6 The Terminal+ is project specific,you can have multiple tabs/project & the context switches based on the selected project

Q7 Any tips for getting started with in or in upcoming 2016 CI 8?
A7 Sure! 1. Create new project. 2. Check “use template” box. 3. Run As > Angular CLI Project. 4. You’re done!
A7 There are a lot of great tutorials online though we’ve built out a learning center to help you get started
A7 Hit us up with a Direct Message on Twitter to get early access to development in

Q8 What benefits does bring to developers?
A8 The parallel between and is that they both provide well validated development stacks
A8 More importantly, serves a similar role to in providing a robust structure
A8 We say it again: + w/ + is the ideal for the modern enterprise

Q9 When is 2016 CI 8 set to be released?
A9 2016 CI 8 is set to be released towards the end of next week, will follow a week later

Q10 Can I learn more about and at Europe this week? A10 Of course! We have giving a talk on in Eclipse
A10 can give you a live demo of in at our booth
Excellent! That concludes today’s on and IDE. Send in Qs any time to and
Keep an eye out for the upcoming support for coming in soon. It ROCKS!

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