Posted on Jan 24th 2012

Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information.

This is exciting, knocking down walls that Apple has put up. This time we lasered-in on native iOS app development and removed the need for a Mac or the know-how of learning Objective-C. How did we do it, how did Genuitec make native app building possible using a Windows machine? How did we make it possible for anyone to now create apps for the iPad, iPhone, iPod and have it ready for the App Store?

Come to the webinar to find out, it's on Thursday, January 26 at 12:00 PM ET. Register, here.

**Special** Attend the webinar for a promotion of $70.00 off the price of MobiOne bringing the cost to $29.95. Of course, you can try MobiOne for free first by visiting here.  Hope to see you there!

This is our mobile team lead, Wayne. He will be your host on Thursday.