Posted on May 5th 2009

We're showcasing MyEclipse Blue this week at IBM Impact, the annual WebSphere conference. So, if you're at the show, be sure to drop by and say hello (we’re in the row nearest the dining area, booth E7).

For this show, IBM says it best: "The world is changing like never before. Are you prepared for the changes that are impacting your organization?" A valuable question, indeed.

Since we first launched the MyEclipse product line in 2001, we've helped thousands of enterprises with their ever-changing needs. At only $150 a year, companies using WebSphere are attracted to the low annual cost of MyEclipse Blue. Others would have you believe that thousands of dollars are needed to license a killer IDE for WebSphere… that’s simply not true.

We were asked today: "How can you compete with RAD when you sell MyEclipse so inexpensively, and RAD costs thousands of dollars?" With all due respect to the inquiry, we think it's the wrong question to ask. Rather, "why when you get all the functionality you need at $150 is RAD trying to charge many thousands?" Do yourself a favor; make your RAD sales rep justify their price.

As always, try MyEclipse Blue for free. No vendor lock-in. No drama. No hassles. Not with the anti-lock-in IDE.