Posted on May 8th 2013

Last month CyberCoders, a leading recruiting firm, released their list of the top 10 IT skills for 2013. This list was developed from researching over "10,000 tech companies and their hiring requirements" and then pinpointing common threads throughout.

After reviewing the list (found below), we discovered that MyEclipse 2013 offers developers the ability to utilize 6 of the 10 skills listed! Score! We've added a star (*) to each of the offerings that MyEclipse 2013 provides tooling and capabilities for.

CyberCoders's Top 10 Skills in Tech for 2013

1. Mobile Development (iOS, Android)*
2. Cloud Computing (AWS, Azure)
3. Front End Development*
4. UX/UI Design*
5. Big Data (Hadoop, MongoBD, NoSQL)
6. C#
7. Ruby on Rails
8. Java*
9. PHP*
10. Linux*

We're excited to see that so many of the development tools provided on CyberCoder's list of top paying skills are already featured in MyEclipse, proving once again, why MyEclipse is the superior IDE tooling choice for developers.

Genuitec is happy to see the focus move to more mobile driven and cloud driven technologies, especially given our addition of Mobile Tools in the MyEclipse 2013 workbench and our overall strategy for this year!

We love being able to give our developers access to the latest trends and technologies!

If you're using a tool that's not giving you access to these top skills, download a free 30-day trial of MyEclipse 2013 and start positioning yourself as a  lead technology developer! Our software will empower you today, with the skills you need for the future.