Posted on Dec 4th 2012

You may be surprised. We deliver various software to Fortune 500 companies on a daily basis yet we have no office. Yes, we're headquartered in Texas, but Genuitec spans 10 countries on 3 continents with a workforce that remains happily at home - with our families  during the day.  We learned long ago that happy people also do the best work - our customers can vouch for us.

So what does Genuitec look like? How do we operate as a distributed company from our homes? Well, we had a bit of fun and put together this photo essay that shows *some* of our employees workspaces and offices. If you look closely you'll notice some of us are comedians as well.  Enjoy! (Click on the pics to enlarge).

If you'd like to join this awesome company we're always looking for talented developers - work at home, get paid, don't commute, see more of your family (and pets!). Careers here.