Posted on Apr 28th 2009

T-minus 4 weeks

We're continuing to tout the upcoming availability (about a month) of mobile Web development technology, which will be available as a stand-alone product as well as incorporated into MyEclipse releases in the future at no charge to subscribers.

One of the sweetest bullet points of this tooling is the ability to use what you already know (CSS, JavaScript, HTML) to create rich, powerful applications for the iPhone.

As our VP of Technology coined in a recent media article: "no funky subsets of Java to use [Java ME or Android's Java SE minus random stuff] or native languages [Objective-C and XCode for iPhone or C++ for Symbian]. What millions of [mobile] developers need to know, they already know: HTML5/CSS3/JavaScript. All standardized and ready to go..."

And, these tools won't be limited to the iPhone moving forward. Many of the popular current and upcoming devices (including the Palm Pre) support the same Web standards, which will enable future programs to deploy across devices with minimal platform-specific modifications. Best of all: NO APP STORES to deal with.

You might think that Web applications can never be as rich or satisfying as native programs. We beg to differ. Take a peek:

Coming in a month or less, so stay tuned!