Transform Eclipse into an AI-powered IDE

Copilot4Eclipse (Copilot for Eclipse) is a free product that seamlessly integrates the GitHub Copilot AI developer tools into your Eclipse IDE to create a powerful AI-assisted coding experience.

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Features and Benefits

Copilot4Eclipse is an Eclipse plugin developed independently by Genuitec that enables the use of key GitHub Copilot features in the Eclipse IDE:

  • Generate code and text in real-time from natural language instructions
  • Just-in-time AI code completions as you type within any Eclipse editor
  • Copilot completion text displayed natively inline in your editors using ghost-text
  • Simultaneous support for Copilot completions and classic Eclipse code assist
  • Customizable user experience

About the license for Copilot4Eclipse

Genuitec, LLC is the licensor of the Copilot4Eclipse plugin. The end user license for this plugin is the Copilot4Eclipse EULA. GitHub, Inc. has no responsibility or liability for or in connection with the plugin or such agreement.

GitHub Copilot—What you need to know

Key Points: You will need a GitHub Copilot subscription to use Copilot4Eclipse. GitHub Copilot subscriptions are available from GitHub Inc. and are subject to the GitHub Copilot Terms of Use for your subscription type.

If you’re new to GitHub Copilot, it is a commercial AI coding service and tools based on OpenAI’s ChatGPT technology that has been specialized for coding in many programming languages. The GitHub Copilot services and tools are developed and supported by GitHub and are available as a subscription service.

If you are thinking, not another subscription service, know that over 1 million developers and over 37,000 organizations have adopted GitHub Copilot and made it the overwhelming choice for AI-based coding tools.

Finally please be aware that use of Copilot4Eclipse is subject to the Copilot end user license agreement. Your GitHub Copilot subscription includes a separate and independent terms of use between you and GitHub, Inc.

Data Privacy

Copilot4Eclipse user data collection passes all user data except user preferences direct to GitHub Copilot where it is managed according to the user’s GitHub Copilot subscription type: individual subscription or business subscription. Copilot4Eclipse does not directly analyze or store any user data beyond the Copilot4Eclipse user preferences, see the Copilot4Eclipse FAQ.

Next Steps

Learn about the type of the GitHub Copilot subscriptions, terms and conditions:

Learn how easy it is to get up and running by using the Copilot4Eclipse Quick Start Guide.
For technical support or feature discussion please post to the Copilot4Eclipse Online Discussion Forum.