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Copilot4Eclipse Quick Start Tips

Copilot4Eclipse provides access to GitHub Copilot generated code suggestions directly within your Eclipse editor. Completions are generated in real-time as you type and displayed inline as ghost-text. You choose to accept or reject the completion text for insertion into your file.

Getting started with Copilot4Eclispe is quick and simple. Before proceeding make sure you meet the prerequisites.

1. Quick Start Video

Check out this short 2:00 minute video for a quick walk-through of the steps:

  • Copilot4Eclipse installation
  • Getting familiar with the Copilot4Eclipse UI, e.g., menus, inline-completions, preferences
  • Authorizing Copilot4Eclipse access to your GitHub Copilot account
  • Working with GitHub Copilot inline code completions
  • Configuration options

2. Code Completion Keyboard Shortcuts

The following keyboard shortcuts are essential for working with inline completions.

Show an inline completionALT + \
Show next inline completionALT + ]
Show previous inline completionALT + [
Accept inline completionTAB
Accept Completion - Next WordCTL + RIGHT_ARROW
Accept Completion - End of LineCTL + ALT + RIGHT_ARROW
Dismiss CompletionESC

3. Next Steps

For detailed guides on any topic please see Docs>Basics category of topics.

If you have questions or need help, see Getting Help.