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#WLW14 Notes from Hubspot, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn Webinar

Posted on Apr 23rd 2014

For those folks who couldn’t attend the webinar or need a refresher here are the quick notes from The World’s Largest Webinar 2014 #WLW14

Theme: Always be experimenting. Test, Learn, Iterate

Key: Twitter: TW /Facebook: FB/ LinkedIn: LK/ HubSpot: HS

TW: Use photos to capture audience. “Bonobos” used as an example. Put your hashtag in your bio

FB: Fill out business facts first on your business page. Next a great photo that represents your businesss. Use FB free tools to build the page. Example: Upload existing customers lists to FB and invite them to the page

LK: For company pages use compelling descriptions that include key terms to your business. Again use a eye-catching photo. LinkedIn likes the company example “Huge”

TW: Use the 80/20 rule when posting. 80% of core business, 20% other conversations like Industry tips, industry trends. Tweets with photo attached or Vine attached more likely to be shared.

LK: Post “snackable” content with professional focus. Tips and tricks with industry focus. Use strong images. Does not need to be your content, just industry focused to professional audience

TW: Your followers are an “opt-in” list. Remember they want to hear from you. Jump into conversations around hashtags that are in your industry or specialty with a goal to get re-tweets (RTs) to expose your brand to a larger audience

FB: Same principals as TW, but FB motto is “Test, Learn, Iterate.” Your Page can target posts to gender, age, locations, language, more. Use authentic voice, do not be a robot. Use hashtags on FB to help people search out content. FB likes “Kays Designer Consignment” as a success story

FB: Ads target people not cookies. Can build personas that FB advertising can match its users

TW: Use email marketing strategy on twitter.  Once newsletter is published share the page but break out the contents of newsletter/email campaign into smaller engaging bits. Can do it throughout the day to have tweet content flowing

TW: For direct conversations or to get customers off TW do not use hashtags or pictures as they clutter a more direct marketing message

TW/FB: Don’t be a robot. Talk like you would to friends.

TW: Like “Chegg” as a company with success. They used images with text included to be clever while relating their business to current trending topics, like #polarvortex. Also added a discount/promotion to tweet when doing trending marketing work

FB: Use images that are beautiful, authentic on business page

LK: Images that are professional in tone but new

TW: 20 posts a day is about right for that platform

FB: 1.5 posts a day is about right for that platfom

FB/LK/TW – Unhook your accounts because different platforms have different content consumption habits. FB friends don’t want to the traffic you do on TW.



**Another set of notes not combined with the above**

1. Be sure your business bios are descriptive and complete.
2. Use photos that represent your business well.
3. Make use of search terms in LinkedIn, using key words that your target audience would search for.
4. Tweets with photos are 2x more likely to be shared than tweets without.
5. Share “snackable” content; small portions of larger content.
6. Make 80% of tweets focused on relevant topics other than your products; 20% product-related tweets.
7. Offer incentives for using a specific hashtag.
8. Include strong calls to action.
9. On FaceBook, be personable and human.
10 Don’t send the same content on all networks. Tailor the same information to each network.

**Genuitec is software development company for software developers. Our products, MyEclipse and Secure Delivery Center is used by 16,000 organizations worldwide. Get a demo for your enterprise today by clicking on the ‘get started’ button at the bottom of the page***

myeclipse, java, IDE



Tax Day Refund of $63 for the MyEclipse Shop!

Posted on Apr 15th 2014


If Tax Day has you in a funk, Genuitec has a special deal just for you!

From now until midnight you can take advantage of a refund of $63.55 in your MyEclipse shopping cart. This refund will secure a MyEclipse Professional license, or you can apply it to the purchase of any of our other MyEclipse versions like Blue, Bling or Spring – the choice is all yours!

To claim your credit, visit this link:

Don’t forget to share with your developer friends! Use the share coupon option in the link above to help your friend’s take advantage of this awesome refund too. #sharingiscaring

SDC 2013 SR4 Now Available, Simply Get Software Packs

Posted on Apr 7th 2014

Service Release 4 for Secure Delivery Center (SDC) 2013 is now available with outstanding support to easily get software packs for your development needs.

Grab the latest version of SDC by clicking the button below.

get_packs_windowGetting Software for Your Catalog Is Just a Click Away.
Finally, you will no longer have to wait around for your system administrator to install the packs you need. Instead, simply install all the packs you need right from your SDC Admin Console.  Now you control your own destiny with the latest Eclipse versions, popular plug-ins, and your favorite software as soon as they’re available.

In your SDC Admin Console, simply click “Get Packs” from any of the Secure Packages or Software Collections pages to start integrating the packs you need. It’s as simple as that.

Now Further Optimize for System Architectures.

Now if you are one of those truly optimized teams, we know you want to get the most out of every piece of software you deploy. With SDC 2013 SR4, you can now tailor command line and virtual machine arguments down to your system architecture. Yes, you have a kick butt 64-bit desktop and you want to get the most from it. Now you can optimize for each operating system and architecture, maximizing usage of your hardware, yet continuing to make it super simple for your team. You’ll be able quickly add argument prefixes that allow you to target installations on 32-bit or 64-bit architectures.

As mentioned before, SDC 2013 SR4 is now available. For those interested in taking SDC for a test run, you can click the download button below to gain access to a complimentary 30-day trial.

Existing SDC users will need to download the new version and open executable file, select the option to “Update Your Installation.

Genuitec Announces New Corporate Focus: Developer Nutrition

Posted on Apr 1st 2014

Happy Tuesday, Developers!

We hope you are having a great start, or ending, to your Tuesday! We are kicking off a truly terrific one as we are fresh out of a company-wide meeting where our executive team has shared a new vision and focus for Genuitec for the coming years.

Genuitec has spent the past decade in the software development sector, thus, we know know what you developers are up against everyday. Hours and hours of coding, editing, testing, debugging and re-coding projects while you’re holed up in an office, practically chained to your computer to meet deadlines. Not to mention the complete and utter lack of time to make yourself a healthy meal.

Genuitec is proud to announce a new company focus, Developer Nutrition, along with a new product line. Introducing the Byte Bar from Genuitec – a protein packed meal that gives you the boost of energy and nutrition you need to keep coding through the day and night!
byte_barThe Byte Bar is currently available in 4 scrumptious flavors: Cranberry Almond, Cherry Pomegranate, Dark Chocolate Acai, and Triple Chocolate Chunk.

Every Byte Bar is packed with over 30 essential vitamins and minerals specifically targeted to give you the optimal boost in energy and focus levels when you’re knee deep in code.

In addition, our team of scientists have generated the perfect blend of protein to ensure that you are getting a balanced amount of protein to get you through your hardest moments in coding without those horrible dips of energy that leave you in the free-falling into a pit of despair.

We’re excited to offer our customers a new way to boost their coding experience!

Click below to order your Byte Bar!

Get Some Raspberry Pi In Your Face!

Posted on Mar 25th 2014

imageedit_4_6291841343Our team is back from EclipseCon North America! We enjoyed our time in sunny San Francisco, but now we’re ready to hit the ground running.

Our week at EclipseCon was filled with activities, from exhibit hours, meet-and-greets, to our Raspberry Pi session down to indoor go-karting, we are filled with excitement and buzz from the conference.

I’m thrilled to report that our Internet of Things session on how to  “Pimp Your Pi with Eclipse RCP for Your Home TV” was given to a standing room only crowd. It’s incredible to see our little Pi Plug project garner so much excitement from all you Eclipse tinkerers! You can learn more about our PiPlug which provides an extensible front-end for the Raspberry Pi and allows small Java plug-ins to be written using Eclipse SWT on GitHub :

Those of you who couldn’t make the conference, or couldn’t elbow your way in, can check out our session which we’ve posted for you below.

Step-by-step instructions for setting up your Raspberry Pi with the PiPlug are included with the download on GitHub.

We’d love to see and hear about what you are doing with Raspberry Pi and our PiPlug! If you’re working on some crazy awesome apps for your Pi, share a link with us on our FaceBook page or hit us up on Twitter.

Liberty Profile, New Editors & More for MyEclipse Blue

Posted on Mar 3rd 2014


MyEclipse Blue 2014 is now available with more built in support for WebSphere developers than ever before.

We’ve added a connector for the Liberty Profile server, 14 new form-based editors for WebSphere descriptor files, and the included Mobile Tools have received a boost with new REST web services and JQuery Mobile support that is new for the MyEclipse 2014 series.

The Liberty Profile 8.5 connector can be added via a simple click-through and will makes it  easy to provision the features required by your WebSphere applications. This addition of having the connector available to you is the first step in what will be a series of releases dedicated to bring a continued focus on Liberty Profile support for the MyEclipse Blue 2014 workbench.

With regards to our awesome 14 new form-based editors, you will now be able to simply click the WebSphere descriptor file you need and make your edits. This will give you an opportunity for advanced development and will also cut back your need to recall the syntax of specific files.

ME2014_REST_APIThe MyEclipse Blue 2014 workbench includes Genuitec Mobile Tools, giving you the ability to add mobility to your WebSphere applications. With the help of HTML5 and JQuery Mobile support, you’ll be able to quickly prototype and develop cross-platform apps for desktop, web, mobile and cloud that are ready for WebSphere consumption. You’ll also be able to take advantage of end-to-end development for testing and optimization of tasks, as well as utilize REST web services to simply consume Cloud APIs and instantly expose code for further development.

MyEclipse Blue 2014 can be downloaded using the button below and comes with a complimentary 30-day trial. MyEclipse Blue individual licenses start at $160/yr with licenses for teams starting at $250/year that come with the added benefit of seamless delivery and licensing.

You can learn more about the features and benefits of MyEclipse Blue, an adjunct technology to IBM Rational, on it’s new site page here.


#GameofThrones Characters Fav Our Raffle

Posted on Feb 26th 2014

I was spending some time this afternoon in our Twitter account, just checking out how our raffling was doing and stumbled across some pretty freaking awesome support – it seems that we’re getting some love via “Favorited” tweets from characters in Games of Thrones.

Take a look:

GOT_tweet_collectionWe’re thrilled to see this level of support for our raffle – and it’s kind of funny to see fictional characters liking the real world stuff we’re doing.

If you’ve not yet entered our Valyrian Steel raffle, you can do so at the link below for a chance at winning a Catspaw Blade or Loras Tyrell helmet.


In addition, you can also score 1 of 3 licenses to the new Elder Scrolls Online game for being a top referrer and sharing your personalized URL on social networks.

Enter the Game of Thrones raffle here:

Congrats On Your #GeekLove Raffle Loot!

Posted on Feb 19th 2014

The #GeekLove raffle ended this past Friday, and all of our prize winners have either received their winnings or are patiently awaiting their arrival.

IMG_20140219_164717We heard from the XboxOne winner today, Killrat, who came home to a lovely package waiting at the door. She was nice enough to share with us this great picture of her and her brand spanking new console!

Once again, congratulations on your big win, Killrat. We hope you thoroughly enjoy your XboxOne.

As I discovered this week while driving all over Dallas, Texas, those PS4′s are still REALLY hard to come by! Our PlayStation 4 winner, MSHill, is still awaiting the arrival of her console, and I will update this blog as soon as she confirms its arrival.

A GINORMOUS thank you to each of our winners and raffle participants for making our raffles a success.

Also, if you’ve not yet entered our Game of Thrones raffle, you can do so at this link:

We’ll be giving away some Valyrian Steel this time!  Now you can suit up with a Loras Tyrell Helmet or a Catspaw blade to to better fight all those dragons and threats against the crown.

#GeekLove Winners & Raffle News

Posted on Feb 14th 2014

bigstock-Love-Birds-on-a-branch-56002589Happy Valentine’s Day, Everyone.

We sure hope your day is off to a sweet start, but for two lucky winners today is about to get even sweeter!

I’m happy to report that we received over 30K entries in our #GeekLove raffle. Thanks once again for making our raffle a huge success!

Drum roll, please…

geekloveOur winners of the PlayStation 4 and XboxOne have been drawn and we’ll be reaching out to them today to arrange the transfer. A hearty congrats to killrat & mshill on their big scores!

Additionally, our Top 3 Referrers will be awarded Amazon gift cards as a token of our appreciation for making this raffle popular on social networks.

We’ll be reaching out to each of you today to arrange shipping of your prizes.

And now I’d like to let the cat out of the bag, or really, the dragon out of the cave would be more appropriate, as to what our next raffle will be; which by the way, launches RIGHT NOW!

raffle icon imageIn a salute to the upcoming Game of Thrones Season 4 premiere on April 6th, we’ll be raffling off an official HBO Game of Thrones Catspaw Blade and Loras Tyrell Helm as seen on the left! Two GOT mega fans will suit up in Valyrian steel, one with the Catspaw and another with the helmet.

In addition to helping you arm yourselves with Valyrian Steel, we’ll also be awarding our top 3 referrers with licenses for the new Elder Scrolls Online game which also releases this April.
Much like our previous raffles, you can enter and share your personalized URL on social networks with friends, family, and your fellow GOT fans for a chance at gaining more entries in the raffle pool. Each person that casts an entry using your shared personalized URL will also score you an extra entry – so be smart, and share where ever you can!

Click the picture above or right here to enter our GOT raffle giveaway!

MyEclipse 2014 Makes Advancements in Mobile

Posted on Feb 13th 2014

Great news, mobile developers! The Mobile Tools in MyEclipse 2014 now let you take your mobile apps even further into enterprise development.

tN_116443_cross_plat_largeOn top of the rapid prototyping capabilities already available in MyEclipse, now you can utilize our Mobile Tools to develop cross-platform hybrid apps from the design layer to middleware and the backend, with no external chain tool setup needed outside of MyEclipse 2014. It’s all right there in one enterprise tool.



slider-image-1We’ve made it easier for mobile developers to touch each of the layers in the device-to-cloud spectrum and now, you’ll be be able to incorporate on-device capabilities to connect with company data centers and cloud services using only one IDE stack.

With the Mobile Tools in MyEclipse 2014 you can simply capitalize on core mobile technologies, like Apache Cordova, HTML5 and JQuery, to develop the hybrid and web apps, as well as utilize end-to-end development for testing and optimization of tasks.

Additionally, MyEclipse 2014 Mobile Tools allows for the design of native apps for iOS 7 using a new iOS Build Configuration Editor that lets you customize applications, including app icons. The mobile tools will also connect you with Apache Cordova technology to package your apps in native form so you can submit them to both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

Ready to take MyEclipse 2014 for a test-drive and leverage Genuitec Mobile Tools for your development? Click the button below for a complimentary 30-day trial.