WebSphere IDE Plus More with MyEclipse

MyEclipse has WebSphere® development plus all the extras engineers want and need. If WebSphere is a requirement in your Enterprise, supplement your development with MyEclipse, the multi-purpose WebSphere IDE that’s well equipped for WebSphere development. If you’re using IBM RAD, take a look at how MyEclipse, RAD, and WebSphere play nicely together.

Ready to code using the WebSphere IDE that has more?

Get Started with MyEclipse

While you learn more about the all-in-one IDE for WebSphere, go ahead and start your MyEclipse download!

Develop for WebSphere

Build and deploy applications to WebSphere and Liberty Profile servers.
WebSphere IDE - WebSphere versions

Do Even More

Access technologies such as Spring and Maven.
WebSphere IDE - additional technologies

Web Front-End Development

MyEclipse offers a wide variety of web front-end technologies such as Spring, JSF, Ionic, and JQuery. Use visual editors for easier coding and configuration.

More on Front-End Development

WebSphere IDE - visual editor
WebSphere IDE - web service testing

Back-End Development for Enterprise Apps

Code the back-end of your enterprise applications using Java EE wizards and built-in libraries. Integrate technologies such as EJB, REST web services, and hibernate.

More on Back-End Development

Easy Testing on a Variety of App Servers

Deploy to a range of application servers in addition to WebSphere and WebSphere Portal Server – Glassfish, WebLogic, Tomcat, and more. For super-quick testing from your WebSphere IDE, use the integrated MyEclipse Tomcat and Derby servers. 

WebSphere IDE additional app servers
WebSphere IDE - easy installation for teams

Fast and Simple Enterprise Delivery

WebSphere IDE installation shouldn’t waste your time waiting for gigabytes to download before even starting tool stack configuration. Deliver your streamlined MyEclipse securely to your teams with minimal effort. And, keep team members up to date and in sync with the same tools.

Don’t make managing WebSphere hard. There is an alternative. 

Developing for WebSphere using IBM® tools is often associated with limitations and inefficiencies. Sound familiar?

  • A huge toolstack requiring lots of time to download and install
  • Jumping through corporate firewall hoops to obtain software
  • Tailoring tools for various team needs is challenging at best
  • Inability to include third-party solutions in your toolbox
  • Lagging technologies due to slow toolstack update cycles
No More IBM Installation Manager

IBM RAD developers lose time waiting on download and installation, including dealing with possible firewall issues.

With MyEclipse, team members can install tailored IDEs in minutes from behind your firewall.

Tailor Team-Specific IDEs

Risk IDE consistency and stability during a project cycle when individuals set up their own tool stack with add-on software, preference settings, current projects, and more. 

Using MyEclipse, all setup is done at an administrative level, giving teams the variety of tools they need, without the risk of each developer doing their own configuration.

Get Access to More Tools

RAD limits software add-ons despite the multitude of technology and productivity software add-ons found in the Eclipse Marketplace.

MyEclipse allows you freedom to include OSS, commercial and proprietary plugins in team packages. Or, offer teams a catalog of approved add-ons from your private, behind-the-firewall Marketplace. 

Always Have the Latest

Long RAD release cycles can create a technology lag when developing for WebSphere. And, updates could still be missing modern tools for implementing current technology.

The MyEclipse Continuous Integration Stream model offers updates to software every few weeks. Admins can easily obtain updates, apply them to software packages, and simply roll out updates to teams.

Migrate Projects from RAD

Migrate projects from IBM® Rational® Application Developer in just a few clicks without losing project integrity. Use MyEclipse as a supplement to RAD development, or as a replacement.

More on Compatibility

WebSphere IDE - RAD project migration

Tutorial Sneak Peek

WebSphere-Specific Configuration

Projects for Java EE 5 and higher support IBM WebSphere-specific descriptor files for bindings, extensions, and programming model extensions. MyEclipse includes visual editors for these descriptor files, which are used by EAR, EJB, Application Client, and Web projects. Access these special descriptor files through the application deployment descriptor file editor for each of these project types. When you click the WebSphere deployment descriptor links, the editor checks to see if the file exists. If not, you can choose to have the file generated for you.


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