REST Web Service Development for the Enterprise

Give power to your web applications with the addition of REST web services. Take advantage of REST web service development tools in MyEclipse for generating code and testing RESTful services.

Ready for efficient REST web service development?

Get Started with MyEclipse

While you learn more about REST web services tools, go ahead and start your MyEclipse download!

Start with a REST Project

Start a new project specifically for REST web services.
REST web service development - new project

Test Your Services

Test your project’s services in REST Explorer.
REST web service development - testing

Start with Built-in Libraries

Choose the REST (JAX-RS) and Java EE versions that best fit the needs of your project to incorporate associated libraries automatically. Wizards make library management a snap; libraries are included with MyEclipse with no additional downloads required. If you’re a Maven shop, we’ve got you covered – we’ll set up the necessary dependencies in your pom.xml.

REST web service development built-in libraries
REST web service development - wizards

Wizards Simplify Development

From a new project, to web service resource methods to REST facades, MyEclipse is wizard-driven, making REST web service development project creation and configuration a cinch. For example, the REST Facade Generation wizard creates facades by exposing reverse-engineered database entities.

Quick Access to Resources and Methods

With the REST Explorer, view the REST web services you’ve defined for a specific project at a glance. Quickly navigate between methods and resources. Open resources and jump straight to a method with a double-click.

More on REST Views

REST web service development - REST explorer
REST web services development - app servers

Easy Testing on a Variety of App Servers

Deploy to a range of Java EE compliant application servers such as WebSphere, Glassfish, WebLogic, Tomcat, JBoss and more. Debug and hot-sync projects, and customize deployment configurations. For super-quick testing of your REST web services, use the integrated MyEclipse Tomcat and Derby servers. 

Verify REST Quality

Check the integrity of your REST methods using the visual WADL editor and REST web services explorer. Be sure your Gets and Posts work as expected. The REST explorer also allows you to test even authenticated services or explore social API such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

REST web service development - testing

Put additional technologies to work in your REST web service development

Developing for the enterprise throws a lot of things your way. With MyEclipse, get easy access to multiple technologies that allow you to provide solutions for anything that comes your way.

Java EE IDE technologies
Jump-Start Your Spring

If Spring is your thing, give your Spring a boost with built-in Spring framework libraries, bean development tools, and even Spring scaffolding. Learn More

Unchain Your WebSphere

Don’t get stuck in a rut. With MyEclipse, you can work with WebSphere while enjoying the freedom to explore other technologies. Learn More

Build Projects with Maven without Leaving your IDE

MyEclipse boasts seamless pairing of Maven with MyEclipse projects. Use Maven commands from the menu, or use command-line Maven, your choice. Learn More

Tutorial Sneak Peek

1. Begin with a REST Web Service Project

The REST Web Service Project wizard gets you started with your project configuration.


  1. Click the drop-down arrow on the New icon on the toolbar, and select Web Service Project from the menu.
  2. Type restdemo in the Project Name field, select the REST (JAX-RS) framework option, and click Next.
    Note: This tutorial uses the JavaEE 6 version; however, JavaEE 7 is an available option when creating new projects.

    Creating a Web Service project

  3. Accept the default source folder, and click Next.
  4. Click Finish to accept defaults for the purpose of this example.

    Finishing the project