Modern Web Development in MyEclipse

MyEclipse is the perfect IDE for the modern full stack developer. Built-in support for a variety of popular modern web frameworks and languages like Angular, React and Vue, ensures you’ll have the tools you need to create a dynamic front end.

Project Support

Create new projects using our easy to use wizards for frameworks like Angular and React. Vue.js, Next.js, and other Node/JavaScript web frameworks are supported too.

Perhaps you created a project using a CLI, or are checking out examples from GitHub—simply import the project into MyEclipse and we’ll provide all the developmental assistance you need.

Modern web in MyEclipse
Modern web in MyEclipse

Powerful JavaScript & TypeScript Editors 

ECMAScript 2020 and TypeScript 4.x are supported, even in composite files like JSX and .vue. Our editors provide coding assistance in the way of intellisense, validation and linting, with quick fixes that help you fix everything from spelling mistakes to missing imports. Navigate efficiently through the code base using in-editor hyperlinks and the quick outline.

Launch and Debug Support

Easily start and stop modern web projects from the Servers view without having to key in any commands. Debugging is straightforward—simply set the breakpoints and step through your code, inspecting variables as you normally would. You can debug in Chrome or Firefox.

Modern web in MyEclipse
Modern web in MyEclipse

CodeLive for Angular

For Angular applications, use CodeLive to analyze Angular components currently active in your application. Use the dashboard to get a list of all components on the page, or use the magic wand to select components of interest. Navigate easily to any file associated with the component— the TypeScript source, HTML template, or CSS style.


The Terminal+ provides a project specific bash shell, enabling easy separation of commands when working with multiple projects. Seed the shell with Node and npm versions of your choice, which will be automatically downloaded and configured for you.

Modern web in MyEclipse