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  • Enterprise-grade Java development
  • Rich framework assistance
  • Rapid application development
  • Continuous iterations with live reload
  • So much more than Eclipse

Rich Development Experience

MyEclipse takes the headache out of creating the perfect development environment. It’s one quick download for complete life cycle management of all your Java projects. From smarter coding and debugging, to app server deployment and database management, MyEclipse has it all!

Code Intelligence

Deep understanding of your project enables rich full stack development. Code the full stack with a responsive UI, efficient business logic, and fast persistence.

Test & Debug

Launch unit tests and debug sessions with a click. Rapid test results and real-time debugging streamlines app development. Or, just keep using log messages – we let you do you.

Rapid Deploy

Quick code iterations with optimized incremental server deployment. It takes seconds instead of minutes; saving hours across a week.


MyEclipse allows you to manage multiple connections seamlessly. Directly edit your database to validate scenarios and test different schemas. Write queries and view live results. 

A Unique IDE

Eclipse might be in the name, but MyEclipse offers much more than its namesake. MyEclipse takes the best of open source and adds unique high-value features to take your productivity to new heights.

Unique Developer Benefits

  • Latest modern web and enterprise technologies
  • Massively optimized interaction with app servers
  • Finely tuned developer experience
  • Live share code with integrated collaboration
  • No plug-ins required, just download and code!

Unique Business Benefits

  • Backward compatibility, maintain legacy apps
  • No vendor lock-in, just your favorite technologies
  • No open source worries, an experienced dev team
  • No legal hassles, we handle open source licensing
  • Fair pricing with free upgrades to the latest release

What’s New in 2024?

GitHub Copilot support

We designed MyEclipse 2024 and our Copilot4Eclipse plugin to work together to provide you state-of-art AI coding assistance. 

Copilot4Eclipse can give you more intelligent content assist within your editors, from suggesting simple method invocations to generating several screens full of implementation code.

Java 22

Support for Java 21 and Java 22 allows you to take advantage of Make Static refactoring, Annotation based resource leak analysis, fine tuning of Switch Expressions, smarter Ignore Whitespace and more!

Spring 6 & Spring Boot 3

Our Spring tooling is significantly faster and more resource efficient at validation, code completion and symbol reconciliation. This means less memory used and the ability to handle larger Spring projects seamlessly. 

Modern Web Technologies

Get support for Angular 18 with updated wizards and language servers along with support for the latest versions of Vue 3 and React with the recommended Volar extension.

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Simplify Development

MyEclipse is an all-in-one Java IDE, completely ready out of the box—just download and start coding! Integrated language intelligence allows MyEclipse to deliver a rich coding experience with all the productivity enhancing features needed for a highly efficient developer.

Code Intelligence

MyEclipse understands your code. Intelligent code completion based on types, definitions, and imports generates the best suggestions as you type. Quick Fixes get you where you’re meant to be.

Content assist in MyEclipse

Advanced Refactoring

We all need an occasional do-over. And that’s where the refactoring tools shine. Whether you want to move, rename, extract, inline, push up, pull down, or something else, we’ve got you covered.

Refactoring code in MyEclipse

Real-Time Validation

Catch syntax errors early with as-you-type validation. Pick your language or your favorite framework and see errors while you code, with suggested fixes for most common issues.

Real-time validation in MyEclipse

Framework Assistance

Coding with frameworks is simplified by rich assistance. Generate specification-compliant web services. Use wizards to quickly perform tedious tasks. MyEclipse’s framework intelligence accelerates your work.

Framework assistance in MyEclipse

Persistence Essentials

From reverse engineering a schema into an object model to writing annotations for your preferred persistence layer, accelerate your application’s connection to storage. Even explore your local database live with rich tooling.

Persistence in MyEclipse

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Fortune 500 Companies

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The Enterprise Stack

MyEclipse has deep framework support for the Enterprise. All the professional tools you need, in a single vendor neutral IDE.

Rich Java EE & Jakarta

Java EE & Jakarta EE

MyEclipse delivers everything the enterprise developer needs to efficiently create powerful applications using the latest technologies. From Java EE to the latest Jakarta EE 9, MyEclipse empowers rapid development of enterprise-grade applications deployable across a wide array of supported application servers.

Learn more about Java EE/Jakarta EE and MyEclipse

Modern Web

MyEclipse includes all you need to develop a dynamic front end using the latest technologies. From the latest frameworks like Angular, React and Vue, to traditional jQuery and Bootstrap, build a best-in-class front-end all in an integrated IDE. Run development servers right from the IDE.

Learn more about Modern Web and MyEclipse

Modern web tooling
Spring framework technologies


MyEclipse enables building with Spring framework technologies, whether bootstrapping on Spring Boot or scaffolding out a new flow. Rapid coding and direct launch of servers streamlines your Spring development. Coding intelligence facilitates Spring annotations.

Learn more about Spring and MyEclipse


Augment your enterprise application with insights and reports into user behavior. MyEclipse Reports simplifies the process of developing, deploying and testing a wide range of web reports. Quickly assemble report elements with database sources to give rich visibility into your application data.

Learn more about Reports and MyEclipse

Enterprise reporting

Key Technologies—One IDE

MyEclipse is a feature rich IDE, perfect for full-stack development.

Java EE & Jakarta EE


Application Servers

WebSphere, Portal Server, Open Liberty, Apache Tomcat, tc Server, TomEE, JBoss, Wildfly, Glassfish, Jetty, WebLogic, Payara, Geronimo


Spring Boot, Spring Web Flow, Spring Security, Spring MVC, Spring Annotator, CRUD Scaffolding & DSL, Bootstrapping

Modern Web

JavaScript, Typescript, Angular, Vue, React, Webpack, Node.js, Bootstrap, jQuery


JPA, EclipseLink, OpenJPA, Hibernate


Docker, OpenShift

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