Genuitec – The Cloud Control Company 


Genuitec clears the path for your enterprise to take control of your own cloud.
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Girded with Genuitec’s cloud-control power, you are fully geared to develop, deliver, and mobilize applications with your cloud-first policy in mind.
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Always First 

Founded in 1997, Genuitec has earned an “Always First” reputation.
2011 introduction of Secure Delivery Center:
  • First turn-key Eclipse provisioning platform
  • First platform enabling rapid enterprise IDE and team management
  • First unified rapid Eclipse RCP deployment framework
2009 introduction of MobiOne:
  • First Windows designer for iOS devices
  • First integrated cloud-based mobile build service
  • First unified mobile designer and over-the-air test framework
2003 introduction of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench:
  • First comprehensive Eclipse tool suite
  • First affordable world-class tools
  • First subscription model in Eclipse ecosystem

Customer Commitment 

Today, Genuitec supports one of the fastest growing, commercial developer communities for Eclipse tools. And customers benefit from Genuitec’s ongoing commitment to open standards and to the continual enhancement of the MyEclipse, Secure Delivery Center, GapDebug, and Mobile Tools product families with unique innovations and low subscription pricing.

Eclipse Leadership 

Genuitec is a leader in the Eclipse open source community. As a founding member of the Eclipse Foundation, Genuitec has actively participated in strategy development and direction for the organization. Genuitec is also a founding member and sponsor of the original Eclipse Plug-In Central, a resource for open source and commercial Eclipse plug-ins that later evolved into the Eclipse Marketplace.