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MyEclipse gives you access to the hottest frameworks and technologies in one IDE. Watch the videos below to see your favorites in action.

What is MyEclipse?
With MyEclipse, get the best balance of popular Java EE technologies. From Spring to Maven to REST web services, unify your development under a single stack.
MyEclipse Demo
Dive into a demo of MyEclipse at work, and visualize the ease by which MyEclipse can increase your development productivity with engineering for a broad array of technologies and backend servers.
Simple IDE Delivery: MyEclipse for Teams
Ensure software compliance with MyEclipse Secure. Bring security, approved software, and more to your team tool stacks.
Maven and MyEclipse
See how MyEclipse and Maven work together, allowing you to add Maven capabilities to new and existing Java, EJB, Web, and EAR projects that can be managed from within your MyEclipse IDE.
1-Click Migration from IBM RAD to MyEclipse
Learn how easy it is to import IBM RAD projects to MyEclipse keeping all metadata and project structures in place. MyEclipse is designed as a powerful, yet inexpensive choice for IBM shops to migrate away from RAD and to an IDE for WebSphere
Adding a Plugin to Existing PhoneGap Project
With MyEclipse, create PhoneGap mobile applications right from your Java IDE. Add necessary plugins at project creation or later.
Importing a JQM Project into MyEclipse
With MyEclipse, create PhoneGap mobile applications right from your Java IDE. Not only can you create new project, import existing projects into MyEclipse to take advantage of enterprise mobile tools and PhoneGap build services.

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