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React Native Authentication with Facebook

Posted on Sep 26th 2019
Learn how to create a simple React Native app that uses Facebook for authentication. We use CodeMix for development and the Expo toolchain to make this possible without needing XCode or Android Studio. Check out our newest Blog and see how it's done! Read More

CodeMix 2019.9.19 – It’s Go Time!

Posted on Sep 19th 2019
CodeMix 3.5 is here, and it’s packed with updates across the board to deliver a significantly improved and up-to-date coding experience. There’s a new Go pack, improved Angular and Vue development support, and as always, dozens of fixes and enhancements, including support for... Read More

CodeMix 2019.8.21 Performance Update

Posted on Aug 23rd 2019
The CodeMix 2019.8.21 release included a major update on the performance and CPU utilization during development. As reported previously, we have been working through some lingering CPU consumption impacting a subset of our users. We are happy to report strong improvements in this release. Read More

CodeMix 2019.8.21 is Here — Bringing Flexibility and Speed!

Posted on Aug 21st 2019
Our 8.21 CodeMix release includes a number of powerful features that give you more flexibility over your development. The two most important ones are control over coloring (yes, we know colors matter!) and formatting (now much easier to control how your source looks when you form... Read More