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Exploring TypeScript Support in Eclipse

Posted on Nov 24th 2015

 TypeScript is an open source superset of JavaScript that adds class based objects that compile to JavaScript plain code. Currently there are two main options to support TypeScript in Eclipse. I’m going to discuss their features and pros and cons of each.Palantir’s TypeScript (Version 1.6.0.v20151006)This plugin offers minimal support … Read More

Webclipse goes GA and stays free (mostly!)

Posted on Nov 20th 2015

OK so here is a recap of how our Webclipse launch went up to this day. It seems like it was just yesterday we were announcing our early adopters phase, and now we are announcing it is ready for general use. Look at us, growing up and stuff!Since … Read More

GapDebug Twitter chat – Recap Nov 17th

Posted on Nov 18th 2015

Here is the Twitter chat recap in case you missed it!Q1. For those new to @GapDebug, what’s the quick elevator pitch A1. @GapDebug is a free #crossplatform debugger for #cordova #iOS and #Android applications w/ basic app mgmt supt. A1. brief history of GD 1.0 released Oct last … Read More

Genuitec at EclipseCon Europe 2015

Posted on Nov 10th 2015

Hello fellow developers!Last week we had the honor to participate at EclipseCon Europe 2015, this time in Ludwigsburg, Germany! (Not too shabby!)Needless to say, we had a wonderful time there. During our time at EclipseCon we were able to show demos of our newest product family addition “Webclipse”, … Read More