Getting Started with MyEclipse Secure

MyEclipse Secure is the best option for delivering tailored MyEclipse IDEs to your teams. This tutorial helps you get your SDC Delivery Hub set for delivering MyEclipse Secure. You’ll learn to:

  • Install the SDC Delivery Hub and Admin Console
  • Get your MyEclipse Secure pack
  • Install a trial license
  • Deliver MyEclipse to end users

1. Download and Install the Delivery Hub

To begin, download and install the Secure Delivery Center Delivery Hub from  the Teams tab at https://www.genuitec.com/products/myeclipse/download/. Download the version for your operating system.

Downloading the Delivery Hub

After download is complete, run the installation file to begin the process. Installation is very straightforward; simply follow the installation wizard.

On the last page of the installation wizard, let the installer open your browser to the first steps welcome page where you can download the Admin Console and Signing Agent. 

Displaying the first steps

2. Download the Admin Console

Once installed, the Delivery Hub will be running on the host and port you specified in the installer wizard, and the Delivery Hub builds the Admin Console for you. You need to download and install the console built by the Delivery Hub. The Admin Console is where you set up various MyEclipse team packages.

From the Welcome area, click the appropriate icon to download the Admin Console for your operating system.

First Steps page – Admin Console installers

Note: You can also access the Admin Console installer from the Admin Portal page. The portal is located on the host and port you specified when installing: http://<hostname>:<port>/#/dashboard/setup 

Install and open the Admin Console, logging in using the username and password specified during the Delivery Hub installation.

3. Install a MyEclipse software pack

To enable the Delivery Hub to deliver IDE Packages, you need to provide the required Software packs. In the Admin Console, click the link in “Step 1: Get your software” to view and install from a list of available software packs.

Getting software packs

Select a MyEclipse pack, and click the Install button to install onto the SDC hub.

Installing a pack

4. Requesting and Installing a 30-day Free Trial License

After all software and packs are installed, request a 30-day free trial license, which is required for promoting and building software installers. Waiting until software packs are installed is best because the license tool generates the license you need for the packages you have installed on your Delivery Hub. Therefore, to receive a license for MyEclipse, you want to have it installed before requesting a trial license.

To request the license double-click the alert in the Notifications section of the Admin Console, and then click the Get License link on the popup.

Requesting a 30-day trial license

This link opens a form in which provide your company information. When you submit the form, a custom license file specific for your Delivery Hub installation will be sent to the email you provide.

The email will have your evaluation license pack attached. Save the license pack locally, and to add it on the System page of the Admin Console. On the Licenses tab, click the Add icon , and browse for the license pack file.

Adding a license in Admin Console

5. Create and Customize a MyEclipse Package

Now, in the Admin Console navigation, you have a new menu item – Genuitec IDE Packages. This is where you create and customize MyEclipse packages for delivery.

Genuitec IDE Packages page

Click the Add icon to open the New Package wizard for configuring basic information for your package.

New Package wizard

After the package is created, the Package Details page allows you to configure many things such as extra software, configuration files like .epf and .eps, access control, and branding information.

After package configuration, you commit and promote the package to make it available for end users. The Notifications section lists the packages that can be committed or promoted.

Packages ready for committing and promoting

When you commit and promote the package, SDC builds the package installers for the operating systems you specified in the Access Policy. The Access Policy also defines the kind of installers to build: Online installer, Bundled installer, and Web installers.

This installers can be download from the SDC Portal. To access a package installer, open the package in the Admin Console. Click the Timeline tab to find options for obtaining the link to installers.

Package availability and options for accessing installers

6. Install and activate the MyEclipse IDE package

Usually, the best way to make the package available for your users is providing the URL to the package on the SDC Portal. From there, users can download the installer they prefer.

SDC end-user portal

When users run the MyEclipse IDE for the first time it activates automatically, then the MyEclipse installation connects to the Delivery Hub and consumes one of the MyEclipse licenses from the license pack added earlier. On the Error Log view, you can see that the activation was successful.

Successful activation

Congratulations! You have successfully distributed your first MyEclipse IDE package using Secure Delivery Center.