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MyEclipse for Individuals

Recommended Download: MyEclipse 2015 CI 11

MyEclipse 2015 CI 11 for Windows size: 1.36gb / md5: 29d697bb4c34479da9217be9f64bffd2

Download the Continuous Integration (CI) stream of MyEclipse to get access to bi-weekly feature updates and the latest fixes for MyEclipse.

Tailor your Download of MyEclipse

Check the CI Delivery Log for the latest in MyEclipse, and the Stable Delivery Log for the updates on the production-grade stream.

Note: Starting with MyEclipse 2015, a single download includes the Standard, Pro, Blue, Bling and Spring products unified together, activated by license.


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Not sure if you want the Stable (GA) release or the Continuous Integration stream?  The stable release has slower updates while the CI stream has new features that while very functional, are continuing to be tweaked.  Both are great for regular development.