Download MyEclipse

Do you want to download for an individual or a team?


MyEclipse for Teams

Is MyEclipse tailored for teams right for you?

  • You want to pre-configure MyEclipse with plug-ins and settings
    • or you want to easily control when team members upgrade MyEclipse.
  • You want to share software with team members from your own delivery hub*
    • avoiding heavy downloads from the internet and providing enhaced security.
If you answered No to either of these questions, we recommend downloading the Individual Edition. *The team hub uses minimal CPU and memory while facilitating team development and can be installed onto a desktop or laptop that is used for other activities including regular development.

Download your MyEclipse Delivery Hub

Delivery Hub for size: mb / md5: Downloads available for Windows, Linux, or OS X.

Download your MyEclipse Delivery Hub to easily configure your MyEclipse installation with your favorite plugins and settings to then share it with your team.

Your Delivery Hub can run on any desktop, laptop or data center box, but is recommended to be one that is generally available on your network to allow simple updating to your team.

MyEclipse Rollout for Teams