MyEclipse Features

Don’t let your development creativity stall out. Keep development rolling with MyEclipse, the all-in-one Eclipse Java EE IDE enhanced for full stack development.

Unify Development with MyEclipse

Enterprise Development

MyEclipse fully supports the Java EE framework providing wizards for easy project setup with the necessary libraries. Productivity tools make the development process more efficient along with the ability to deploy to dozens of app servers for quick testing.
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Web Development

Web development for the enterprise has never been easier. Angular and TypeScript support in MyEclipse make it simple to create dynamic web pages.  Our own JSjet for TypeScript and JavaScript includes auto-complete, validation, debugging and much more.
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Full Stack

We are focused on providing the ideal full stack for the enterprise. In addition to our powerful Java EE capabilities, now you can easily include emerging modern web technologies. And, we let you transition on your own timetable without disrupting current development.
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The best technologies in a powerful Java EE IDE

Optimize Java EE Development

Optimize Java EE Development

Simplify enterprise development with MyEclipse, the all-in-one Eclipse Java EE IDE with support for a wide range of frameworks. Content assist, as-you-type validation, syntax highlighting, graphical and form based editors, and built-in libraries are just a sampling of features that improve the experience of today’s enterprise developer. Navigational aids, like a breadcrumb toolbar, inline search and Minimap view, help you quickly locate code—sometimes the smallest features can be the biggest time-savers! And you’ll love the ability to customize your workbench by selecting a theme like our Darkest Dark theme or creating your own custom theme. MyEclipse is based on the latest major version of Eclipse, allowing you access to thousands of the latest plugins, including favorites like Subversive, Clearcase, FindBugs, Gradle tooling, etc. 

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Keep Maven in Your Project Workflow

With standard Maven project structures and launch commands built into MyEclipse menus, you can manage projects with Maven without leaving your Java IDE.

Maven Project Management
Database and Persistence Support

Include Database Design and Persistence

MyEclipse has all the tools a good database developer relies on, including Spring, JPA, Hibernate and POJOs. With persistence support, reverse-engineering, and visual ER models you’ll have everything you need in a single IDE. Plus, we offer connectors for dozens of databases and an embedded Derby database.

Boost Spring Projects with Scaffolding and More

Simplify your Spring project and Bean development with a variety of visual Spring editors and wizards. And with Spring scaffolding, you can have a basic Spring application generated, ready to run in just a few steps. All you have to do is make it your own.

Spring IDE
WebSphere IDE

Unchain WebSphere Development

If IBM WebSphere is a major part of your enterprise development, it might seem vendor lock-in is hindering your options. MyEclipse includes a Java IDE for WebSphere development that includes support for the most popular technologies from all vendors. Now you can set your development creativity free and rapidly build applications for WebSphere and Liberty Profile servers.

Test on a Variety of Application Servers

Dozens of built-in server connectors make it easy to see your apps in action. Deploy to a range of application servers from WebSphere, to Glassfish, WebLogic, Tomcat, and more. For super-quick testing, use the integrated MyEclipse Tomcat and Derby servers out of the box!

Application Servers
Modern Web Development

Create Dynamic Web Apps

If you use Spring or JSF for the frontend, MyEclipse is an exceptional IDE. When you are ready to move to next generation technologies, we’ll make the transition seamless. Access to CodeMix, the number one Eclipse plugin for modern web development, is included with your MyEclipse license (Pro or higher). CodeMix includes a variety of tools for the most popular web languages and frameworks, and lets you add a wide variety of Code extensions to your IDE for even more options. 

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Develop RESTful Web Services

Build applications fit for the cloud using REST web service technology. Use REST-specific tools for generating and testing the services you build into your application.

RESTful Web Wervices
CodeLive for Angular

Speed up Web Development with CodeLive

CodeLive lets you view a list of files or Angular components used to load a web page and quickly jump to the source from the list or from an element on the page. For Java EE websites, combine this exceptional navigation with Live Preview for an even sweeter web development experience. Instantly view changes to your HTML, CSS and JSP within your normal Java EE development workflow. Test your code in multiple browsers simultaneously and say goodbye to fixing a bug in one browser only to create a new one in a different browser. You can even use a mobile simulator to include tests on mobile devices.

Collaborate with Teammates via Slack

Any tool that improves teamwork leads to improved productivity and quality code.  With our Eclipse Code Sharing for Slack, it’s easy to share and discuss code snippets from MyEclipse with teammates. You can even view shared code directly in your IDE, reducing workflow interruption. 

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Slack Integration for Code Sharing
MyEclipse Secure
Fast and Simple Enterprise Delivery

Deliver Your IDE Simply & Securely

With MyEclipse Secure, it is simple for an administrator to configure and deliver the right tools, to the right people, at the right time. Manage the process from behind the firewall to maintain the integrity of your environment. You’ll save weeks normally lost to project on-ramping, keeping in sync and releasing software.

MyEclipse Feature List

Basic Features (Standard license)
Maintenance & Support
Java Servlets
JSR 286 (Portlets)
Web Fragments
HTML5 Visual Designer
JQuery Mobile Palette
Spring Framework Support
JS Editor
CSS Editor
Struts 1 & 2 Visual Designer
JSF Visual Designer
WindowBuilder Swing Support
Spring Web Flow
Database Tooling
Visual MySQL Query Builder
Sync-On-Demand Deployment
30+ Application Server Connectors
Embedded Tomcat Server
Embedded Derby Server
Maven: Project Import, Full Java EE Support, Advanced Dependency Management, Build & Deploy
Darkest Dark theme
Professional Features (Professional license)
Angular IDE
TypeScript Support
Access to CodeMix for modern web development with Vue, React, Python & more
REST Web Services Explorer
JSjet including JavaScript Debugging
CodeLIve with Live Preview
JQuery Mobile Templates
AJAX Tools
Image Editor
UML 1 & 2 Modeling
Extended Database Support: Oracle, MySQL, Microsoft sqlServer, and Sybase Connectors
MyEclipse Java Profiler
Enterprise Reporting
Advanced WebSphere Features (Blue and Bling licenses)
WAS Server Connectors, version 6.1 – 9.0
Portal Server Connectors, version 6.1 – 9.0
Remote WebSphere Connectors
Instant Deploy
RAD Project Support & Migration
WebSphere JAX-WS & JAX-RPC Web Services
Liberty Profile
Advanced Spring Scaffolding (Spring and Bling licenses)
Quick Scaffolding: Spring MVC, GWT, Flex, iPhone, Spring Web Flow
Spring Project Bootstrapping