Slack Integration

Slack is a messaging app for teams. With our Code Sharing for Slack integration it’s easy to share and discuss code snippets from your IDE with your team. View shared code in Slack or open the snippet directly in your IDE for added convenience. Slack integration is available in MyEclipse, CodeMix, and Angular IDE.

Authorize Eclipse Code Sharing for Slack

Before you begin sharing code, you will need to give Eclipse Code Sharing for Slack permission to access your Slack account. You are prompted for authorization the first time you share code with Slack.

You can also give permission at any time from Preferences. To access Preferences, go to Windows>Preferences>Tools>Code Sharing for Slack.

Authorize Access to Slack

Share Code with Your Team

To share code with others, select the code, right-click and select Share to Slack. You can add code to a channel for all eyes to see, or send code directly to an individual or private group (you have the option to remember the recipient for all code sent from the project). Then, add a comment, click Share Snippet and you’re done!

Note: You can tell others on the current channel about using Eclipse Code Sharing for Slack using the following command: /code-invite

Sharing Code via Slack

View Code Sent to You

When a teammate shares a snippet of code, you immediately receive notification and the code snippet in Slack.

If you have the same project open in your IDE, you have the option to view the code directly in your IDE using the following command:
/code-open filename [lines] [locator-id]

Tip: You can easily copy and paste the command from the last line of the code snippet. This line includes the locator-id to tell the IDE which file to open.


View Code