Angular IDE

Now with Angular 4!  Angular IDE by Webclipse is built specifically for Angular. Simple for beginners; powerful for experts. Available as a stand-alone IDE or as part of our Eclipse plugin, Webclipse, or our robust Full Stack IDE, MyEclipse 2017.

  • TypeScript 2.x validation and debugging
  • Advanced coding of HTML templates with validation and auto-complete
  • Integrated usage of the angular-cli for Angular best practices
  • Optimized for developers to make the most of Angular

Download from Genuitec

Click this button to download Angular IDE and then run the installer.

Download from npm with node 6+

If you use npm, use the following commands to install and use Angular IDE:
  • > npm install -g angular-ide
  • > ngide install ~/Development/angular-ide
  • > ngide open Foo.ts

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TypeScript 2.x Coding

Advanced editing support for TypeScript 2.x by Angular IDE augments your development simply and effectively.

  • Real-time validation and display of errors as you type code
  • Auto-completion of code across your project
  • Syntax-aware source coloring and occurrence highlighting
  • Block and full-file formatting with advanced settings
  • Built first for tsconfig.json management
Head over to the learning center to learn more about TypeScript development in Angular IDE and how it can be tailored to your unique needs.

Angular HTML Template Intelligence

Angular development goes beyond TypeScript with HTML template development critical to any application. Angular IDE provides rich HTML template validation to keep coding moving.

  • Validation inside custom Angular attributes
  • Detection of misdefined NG2 element tags
  • Auto-complete for HTML elements
  • Auto-complete for TypeScript expressions in templates
Take a moment to learn more about enhancements to your HTML coding with Angular IDE.

Angular-CLI Integration

Angular IDE builds on top of the angular-cli for servicing Angular applications and includes best-practices compliant generation of services, components and more.  An enhanced terminal ensures paths and environment are ready for rapid development.

  • Seamless launching of ng serve from the IDE
  • Display of server build problems alongside the code
  • Automatic detection of external ng serve invocations
  • Generate services and components from wizards
Why not learn more about the role of CLIs in the modern web?

An IDE with Command-Line Power

Angular development is centered on modern web development practices including extensive use of the CLI. Yes, Angular IDE is an IDE but it is built around the principles of CLI development, including an advanced Terminal that helps initialize paths and even download Node if needed.

Open an editor from the terminal

> ngide open src/app/foo.ts

Start an IDE for the current project

> ngide

Install an Angular IDE for development

> ngide install path/to/ide

Angular Source Navigation

Intelligent open declaration commands allow jumping between TypeScript files, or even jumping to a referenced HTML or CSS file. Coupled together with the breadcrumb navigation above editors, developers can quickly get right to the bit of code needed.

The enhanced CodeLive flows even allow jumping to a corresponding component source right from within the browser the application is being rendered in.  Angular IDE is built for coders, whether the code is their own or from someone on the team!

TypeScript Debugging

Integrated support for debugging via an external Google Chrome browser provides a perfect match for smoothing out issues in Angular applications.

  • Set breakpoints within TypeScript code
  • View and explore variable values
  • Inject TypeScript code for evaluation
  • Integrated source map support for simple setup

Built on Webclipse

Angular IDE is built on top of Webclipse providing access to a plethora of other capabilities for Web development.