CodeMix & Angular IDE: End of Life Notice

Published on February 11, 2021

Nearly three years ago, we shipped the first release of CodeMix, a plugin that allows Eclipse developers to take advantage of the wide array of language and framework support available in VS Code and its large family of extensions. Over several dozen releases, we have enjoyed providing the Eclipse community with the modern web support it was previously lacking, including support for newer languages like TypeScript, and frameworks like Angular and Vue.

With growing support for Language Servers in the Eclipse ecosystem thanks to the LSP4E project, Eclipse has begun to offer similar support out of the box, using the same language server technology CodeMix is based on. Eclipse developers now have an alternative when it comes to support for several languages and frameworks that were previously unique to CodeMix. It is no longer viable for us to continue CodeMix development to support newer modern web technologies or Eclipse versions. As a result of these changes in the market, there will be no further CodeMix or Angular IDE (based on CodeMix tech) releases.

Support and Downloads

Through its support for Code extensions, CodeMix still provides solid value to users of current and past versions of modern web languages and frameworks, some which are not yet well supported by LSP4E. Therefore, CodeMix and Angular IDE will continue to be available for download, and will be supported through our forum and ticket systems. Unfortunately, we will be unable to accommodate any capabilities or fixes that would require new builds and releases of CodeMix or Angular IDE.

MyEclipse Users

Our latest MyEclipse release includes an integration of the Eclipse Wild Web Developer project to ensure continued support of these technologies for enterprise development needs. Going forward, we will no longer offer a convenience bundle of MyEclipse + CodeMix, but customers who want to continue to use this combination will still be able to create it by simply installing CodeMix into MyEclipse when desired.

Further Assistance

For any queries regarding licensing and renewals, please contact sales@genuitec.com. We thank you for all the support you have shown CodeMix, and look forward to your continued support of other Genuitec offerings: CodeTogether, MyEclipse, Secure Delivery Center and DevStyle.

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