CodeMix & Angular IDE: Migration Plan

Published February 11, 2021 | Updated Aug 23, 2023

Nearly three years ago, we shipped the first release of CodeMix, a plugin that allows Eclipse developers to take advantage of the wide array of language and framework support available in VS Code and its large family of extensions. Over several dozen releases, we have enjoyed providing the Eclipse community with the modern web support it was previously lacking.

With growing support for Language Servers in the Eclipse ecosystem, it is no longer viable for us to continue CodeMix development. CodeMix still provides solid value to many users of current and past versions of modern web languages and frameworks through its support for Code extensions. Therefore, CodeMix and Angular IDE (based on CodeMix tech) will continue to be available, and will be supported through our forum and ticket systems, however, there will be no new CodeMix or Angular IDE releases.

Note: The latest CodeMix download is compatible with Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) through 2020-06. A patch is available to extend support up to 2021-09. CodeMix is incompatible with Eclipse 2021-12 and later versions.

Great News—There’s an Alternative

The latest release of our flagship IDE MyEclipse bases its editors on Language Server technology, providing an exceptional coding experience. This technology has been an integral part of MyEclipse since version 2021.5.24.

Features like validation, content assist, hover info, outlines, refactoring, navigation and even code analysis are serviced by the language server protocol, bringing rich support to the following editors:
  • JavaScript/JSX
  • JSP
  • TypeScript/TSX
  • JSON

In addition, built-in wizards for Angular and React simplify development with these frameworks. MyEclipse 2022.1 added support for Vue development as well—see our modern web page for more details. If a technology you need isn’t available in MyEclipse yet, there is likely an Eclipse plugin that can do the job until it gets added.

Note: MyEclipse 2021.5.24 and more recent versions are not compatible with CodeMix since they supersede CodeMix features. However, you can still download CodeMix separately and install it into earlier versions of MyEclipse if you prefer.

Special Offer for Existing CodeMix Customers

Not sure if MyEclipse is right for you? Go ahead and give it a try. MyEclipse includes a free 30-day trial.

If you decide MyEclipse is right for you, we have the following special offers:

  • For CodeMix licenses expiring within 6 months—Renew and upgrade to a MyEclipse Professional license for 40% off. Please use coupon code CMup2MEP.
  • For CodeMix licenses with more than 6 months remaining—Upgrade your license to MyEclipse Professional for the remainder of your term at no additional cost. To take advantage of this offer, please contact sales@genuitec.com.

Further Assistance

For any queries regarding licensing and renewals, please contact sales@genuitec.com. We thank you for all the support you have shown CodeMix, and look forward to your continued support of other Genuitec offerings: CodeTogether, MyEclipse, Secure Delivery Center and DevStyle.

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