Notice: CodeMix & Angular IDE Migration Plan Announced

Download CodeMix for Eclipse

Free to try for 45 days!

Drag to running Eclipse workspace
(requires Marketplace Client)

What is CodeMix?

The CodeMix plugin for Eclipse gives you access to the power of VS Code and the vibrant Code OSS extension community.

Stand-alone Angular IDE by CodeMix also available.

Install CodeMix

To download and install CodeMix from the Eclipse Marketplace, drag the button above into your running Eclipse workspace. This method requires Marketplace Client.

Alternatively, you can install directly from Eclipse via the update site:
Or, download the archived update site.

Requirements & Compatibility

  • Eclipse 4.6 (Neon) through 2020-06
    Note: CodeMix is incompatible with 2021-12 and later versions. A patch is available to extend support for 2020-09 through 2021-09. 
  • Java 15 and below, Java 11 preferred. Learn more
  • Eclipse Update Site or Discovery Site Available
  • ~300MB Disk space for plugins
  • 0.5 GB – 2 GB free RAM (depending on installed Code OSS extensions)
  • Windows 64-bit, Linux 64-bit, Mac 64-bit

Useful Information