Version CI 2019.9.19
Released: 19 Sep, 2019
Technology Packs
CodeMix variations in the marketplace now include the extensions bundled in as part of install, improving the experience for users and simplifying work offline.
Angular Coding Improvements
Improvements in Angular development, including improved performance, better flexibility with tsconfig.json format, and more.
Vue.js Coding Improvements
Numerous changes keep Vue.js development best-in-class, from newer language service versions to richer and configurable snippets.
Go Pack Available
CodeMix now has a turn-key Go technology pack for Go development with automatic tool installation. Use the new Go Project wizard to get started quickly.
Eclipse Dark Compatibility
Now that Eclipse 2019-09 can default workbenches to the Eclipse Dark theme, CodeMix has been improved to ensure a decent Eclipse Dark experience (though we recommend DevStyle for a better dark).
Windows Defender Detection
Latest versions of Windows Defender can significantly slow down every launch of Eclipse-based IDEs. CodeMix can automatically exclude key paths if allowed by the user.
Python Syntax Colors
CodeMix now includes a rich mapping of PyDev syntax coloring inside CodeMix editors, providing more consistent behavior.
Live Chat Diagnostics Tools
Multiple tools are now available to improve remote diagnostics during Live Chat sessions, including ways to detect CPU utilization problems.
Long Directory Paths
In heavily nested or long directory paths, CodeMix now behaves better, working within the bounds of long paths in Windows.
Keyboard Navigation when Coding
Fixes have gone in to ensure that Parameter Hints and Content Assist keyboard navigation works reliably, keeping a consistent behavior when navigating available options.
Continuing Improvements
Numerous bug fixes including restoring key Run As menu contributions, Angular Project Creation wizard, Angular 8.3.x, Terminal+ text cropping, and more.