CodeMix Delivery Log

At Genuitec, we are committed to growing CodeMix to consistently meet the ever-changing needs of the modern developer. We have frequent releases to meet our update objectives:

  • Respond quickly to your requests
  • Keep the best technologies in your hands
  • Squash bugs fast!

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Version: CI 2018.8.15
Released: 15 Aug, 2018

CodeMix GA (2.0) is Coming!

We decided to push out one more release with key fixes before CodeMix 2.0! Coming is build pipeline support, allowing tools like 'tsc' to be used seamlessly!

Rename Refactoring!

For those of you who can't make up your minds, we've added support for rename refactoring! In cases where the Code OSS extension supports rename, we will now support it too!

Angular & TypeScript Validation

Several bugs around validation and marker synchronization, in Angular and TypeScript projects have been fixed.

Extension Versions

As requested, the version of the extension installed, is now displayed in the Extension Manager.

Bugs Squashed

We've fixed cut/copy menu actions, and compatibility with a couple of Eclipse vi plugins.


Version: CI 2018.7.18
Released: 18 Jul, 2018

CodeMix GA (2.0) is Coming!

This should be the last technical preview update before 2.0! Coming is build pipeline support allowing tools like 'tsc' to be used seamlessly. Woot woot!

Engine Updated!

The version of Code OSS used as part of the Engine has now been updated to the same as VS Code 1.24. Going forward updates will be much more frequent.

On-Demand Validation

In preparation for the coming build pipelines, you now decide when you want a project to start being built. No more will CodeMix try to validate projects you don't care about!

Friendlier Coexistence

If you explicitly have PDT or PyDev installed in Eclipse, CodeMix will keep out of the way letting you stay using those editors.

Validation Modes

Projects with CodeMix-validated files can be tuned in how aggressively CodeMix builds all files. Always? On request? It's your choice.

Bugs Squashed

As always, thanks for reporting issues! We've managed to squash another couple dozen bugs in this update.


Version: CI 2018.6.27
Released: 27 Jun, 2018

CodeMix GA (2.0) is Coming!

We’re in the home stretch with the technical preview. In the background, we’re working on CodeMix 2.0 which includes new features like integrated TypeScript transpilation, a spiffed up Terminal that is much more responsive, and even a new version of Angular IDE built on top of CodeMix 2.0. Look for it late July!

Plays Nice with Others

CodeMix falsely believed it was always best. We've tried to educate it a bit and now it respects that JSP, JSF, YAML, etc. editors from standard Eclipse plug-ins are indeed better! For validation, by default it'll leave alone your current PyDev or PDT validation. No need to replace something already working well!

Faster Validation

When validating your projects, CodeMix is now much faster in working through those files. More is coming in this area in our 2.0 (GA) release next month but this one really smooths it out.

Better HTML Linting

The HTML validation was a bit aggressive especially when it comes to Spring files you may use like xhtml or Angular html files. The default validation is now much more normal focusing on larger structural issues and not minor things like uppercase attributes. Let's be honest, who really cares about attribute case! If you are part of the 2% that do, you can turn checks back on of course.

Simplified Launch Configurations

For common technologies like Node, PHP, and Python, it is now much easier to set up launch configurations from the UI without needing to muck in launch.json. Hello simplified debugging.

VS Code Engine Compatibility

You may have noticed that some extensions have stopped working if you’ve used VS Code alongside CodeMix. This is because those extensions may have been automatically updated. CodeMix now allows you to keep using those updated extensions. In addition, starting with CodeMix GA (2.0), you’ll be getting rapid updates to new VS Code versions.

Friendly Validation

Unfortunately our validation wasn't validating what you might want it to validate! From Project > Properties you can now control exactly what CodeMix validates. Your input was valid and we heard you!

Executables Verified

Trying to configure PHP or Python with CodeMix? Settings will now help ensure that the executable can be found either in the path or by absolute location. OK, the ugly side of the old logic was it would warn even if PHP was already in your path. CodeMix is deeply sorry for any confusion!


Version: CI 2018.5.31
Released: 31 May, 2018

Folder Locking

In some situations CodeMix could cause folders to be locked disrupting external tool uage. Bugs in this area have now been properly squashed!

Engine Reliability

For particular users the CodeMix Engine could unexpectly fail. The Engine will now automatically recover and include more information in the Error Log for particular situations.

Snippet Placeholders

Placeholders in inserted snippets are now visually highlighted, making it easier to fill in all required variables.


Version: CI 2018.5.24
Released: 24 May, 2018

Parameter Hints

When typing function parameters, you will see a popup with documentation corresponding to the parameter being entered! Easily switch between different function signatures.

Syntax Highlighting

Color mappings have been tweaked to present a better view of your source. CodeMix editor colors will better match theme settings, work well with Darkest Dark.

HTML Validation

The HTMLHint extension has been added to our Web extension pack - you will now see useful validation for your HTML files.

Smaller Updates

Modifications to how CodeMix is built allow us to ship updates that are smaller in size.

Data Privacy

In compliance with new privacy laws in the EU, CodeMix now lets you opt-out of anonymous usage metrics from within CodeMix preferences. Updated comprehensive privacy details will also be made available on the CodeMix portal.


Version: CI 2018.5.14
Released: 14 May, 2018

Efficient Configuration

Use preset filters in the settings preference pages to drill down to key settings.

External Files

Files outside your workspace can now be edited with CodeMix editors.

Editing Fixes

Ctrl + Del/Backspace work as expected. Bugs that occasionally caused loss of syntax highlighting fixed.


Version: CI 2018.5.9
Released: 09 May, 2018

Quick Outline

Following the introduction of the Outline view, CodeMix now supports Quick Outline. Some Outline bugs were also fixed along the way.

Breakpoint Compatibility

If you use PyDev, PDT or JSDT, breakpoints can now be shared between both editors and launch configurations. For instance, keep using PyDev launches with the power of CodeMix editors!

Settings Improved

More settings are exposed, including editor tab configuration, and numerous bugs were squashed to make them easier to configure.

Better Editing!

When working with different configurations like the Compare Editor, CodeMix now handles changes better.

Bug Squashing

It wouldn't be a release without more bugs being squashed — from better reliability with proxies to less flicker when using content assist.


Version: CI 2018.4.30
Released: 30 Apr, 2018

Outline View!

Due to popular demand, CodeMix now supports providing symbol information into the Outline view. More updates will come later like Quick Outline.

Word Highlighting

Also highly requested, word highlighting including matching tags and mark occurrence highlighting is now enabled in CodeMix.

New File Wizards

Sometimes the small things matter. You can now make a PHP, TypeScript or similar files right with their own simple wizards.

Validation Control

As part of CodeMix validation, skipping certain file types may be desired. Use the CodeMix preference pages to control exactly what is validated.

Editor Conflicts

Continuing from the last release, editors are now fully compliant in how they are integrated and will correctly respect changes made on the preference pages.

Numerous Fixes

Other improvements from Toggle Block Comment to a slew of bug fixes are also in this update. Keep the feedback coming!


Version: CI 2018.4.20
Released: 20 Apr, 2018

Code Editing Keyboard Shortcuts

Common keyboard shortcuts added from moving a block of lines up or down to [un]commenting a selection.

Editor Conflicts

CodeMix editors are now registered in a way to be more friendly with editor prioritization, like plugin.xml's editor wins by default over CodeMix's XML.

Key Fixes

A series of small fixes have been addressed based on user reports.


Version: CI 2018.4.16
Released: 16 Apr, 2018

Java 10

CodeMix was failing in some situations on Java 10. Full compatibility is now ready.

Bracket Matching

Positioning your cursor close to a bracket will highlight the matching bracket.

Multi-Instance Support

Multiple Eclipse instances running CodeMix will all have access to CodeMix functionality. Fixed for all OSes.


Version: CI 2018.4.2
Released: 02 Apr, 2018

Technical Preview is Public!

The very first public release of CodeMix as part of our technical preview for insiders. Now the fun begins!!