Download Angular IDE by Webclipse

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Download and Install from Genuitec

Looking for a simple way to get started? Simply download the Angular IDE by Webclipse using the link above. Once downloaded, simply extract it and move it where you want to get started. Also available as part of our Webclipse and MyEclipse products.

Requirements & Compatibility

The Angular IDE by Webclipse is based on Eclipse Neon 1.a and has the same operating system requirements.

Install from npm with node 6+

You also have the option of installing from npm using the following commands:
  • > npm install -g angular-ide
  • > ngide install ~/Development/angular-ide
  • > ngide open Foo.ts

Latest Version Available Now

The latest available version of the Angular IDE by Webclipse is 2017 CI 3b released on March 08, 2017. Learn about the features in our Delivery Log.