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Download the IDE

Looking for an easy way to get started? Download Angular IDE by CodeMix using the button above. Once downloaded, simply run the installer. Any missing software, such as npm, is set up automatically.

Already have npm?

If you already use npm with node 6+, you have the option to use the following commands to install and use Angular IDE:
  • > npm install -g angular-ide
  • > ngide install ~/Development/angular-ide
  • > ngide open Foo.ts

Get the Eclipse plugin

Angular IDE is also available as a plugin from Eclipse Marketplace. Add the plugin to your Eclipse or MyEclipse installation.

Also available on the CodeMix update site:

Requirements & Compatibility

The Angular IDE by CodeMix is based on Eclipse Neon 1.a and has the same operating system requirements.

  • Minimum: 300 MB of free disk space with 500 MB of free RAM
  • Recommended: 1 GB of free disk space with 1 GB of free RAM for optimal performance
  • Windows 32/64-bit, Linux 32/64-bit, Mac 64-bit

Useful Information