Ready to modernize the Eclipse experience?

If you love the brawn of Eclipse, but are underwhelmed with its beauty and usability, get ready to see Eclipse in a whole new light. Building on our #1 Darkest Dark plugin, we are excited to bring you DevStyle.

With DevStyle, you get:

  • THEMING—Get creative with custom light or dark themes, even custom icons for a truly you workbench.
  • STARTUP EXPERIENCE—Dive right in with an intuitive design.
  • INLINE SEARCH—Keep code flowing without interruption.
  • BREADCRUMB NAVIGATION—Never get lost again.

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Are you ready to make Eclipse new again? DevStyle is the answer. Download it now and see for yourself!

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DevStyle is also included in our MyEclipse IDE for enterprise development. MyEclipse includes a free 30 day trial!

Eclipse with DevStyle…it’s not your parents’ Eclipse
DevStyle Preferences


Make your workbench a work of art. What is your idea of the perfect theme? Light and bright? Dark with pops of color?  DevStyle allows you to define a theme that’s uniquely you! 

  • Workbench—Pick from one of our predefined dark or light themes (including the popular Darkest Dark theme), or create your own custom theme, right down to a specific hue!
  • Icons—Select the icons that speak to you! From pastels, to primaries, to simply white, there is something for every taste. And if you choose to use the Icon Designer, you can even customize your icons!
  • Editors—Choose from a long list of Editor themes or import a theme.  Get that perfect combination that helps you code better!
  • Shortcode—If you’ve created a masterpiece and want to share it with others, just send them the shortcode!
  • Preview—Go ahead and experiment with various color combinations until you get it perfect. 

Startup Experience

Yes, Eclipse is a tried-and-true workhorse, but it doesn’t need to look its age. The DevStyle Startup Experience provides a much needed facelift resulting in an attractive UI that lets you dive right into your work. 

  • Launch—Get coding quickly, whether jumping into a recent workspace or file, or starting a new project.
  • Workspace—Manage your Eclipse with a simple UI that lets you set the default workspace, delete or forget a workspace, or start a new workspace.
  • Recent—View a list of recently changed files and quickly open a file. A filter helps you quickly find what you are looking for. 
  • How To—See a list of popular articles and jump into the learning center to learn more.

DevStyle Launch
Breadcrumb Navigation

Power Ups

DevStyle includes other useful tools to speed up your development!

  • Breadcrumb Navigation—View the “crumb trail” that led to the current file and then easily navigate to different resources in the project by clicking any “crumb” in the trail. Editing a Java class and want to view a related class? Simply click the package in the breadcrumb trail to see a list of other classes you can navigate to.
  • Inline Search—The Search tool, so simple, yet we’ve all come to rely on it. Don’t let it slow you down. Simply press Ctrl+F, type what you are looking for, and all instances are highlighted. With DevStyle it works just as you would expect without an extra dialog box to interrupt workflow.

Like what you see? Get DevStyle now!

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