Secure Delivery Center Pricing

Each license is based on an annual subscription and includes free upgrades.

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Users Delivery Hubs Eclipse Products/Packages Cost Per Year Service Agreement
10 1 Unlimited $100 n/a
25 1 Unlimited $2,000 $1,000
50 1 Unlimited $4,000 $1,000
100 1 Unlimited $6,000 $1,800
200 1 Unlimited $10,000 $3,000
300 1 Unlimited $14,500 $4,300
400 1 Unlimited $18,000 $5,400
500 1 Unlimited $21,000 $6,300
Unlimited per Eclipse product 1 + 1 testing hub 1-5 $15,000 $4,400
Unlimited per delivery hub 1 + 1 testing hub Unlimited $25,000 $7,000
Enterprise license Unlimited Unlimited $75,000 $12,000



Delivery Hub—A single node-locked desktop or server providing delivery services for users.

Eclipse Product—Packages configured within the Secure Delivery Center delivery hub based on the Eclipse IDE packages, including custom Eclipse products.

Service Agreement—Our standard support is always available. If you prefer one-on-one support, we offer the following advanced support services: service agreements, individual web sessions and customized services. See Genuitec Advanced Support Services for details.

Unlimited per Eclipse product

  • A single product references an Eclipse-based product being delivered to end-users.
  • Four additional packages can be set up for QA, developer team delivery, and early access channels to end-users.
  • An additional node-locked testing hub is included for up to 10 users.

Unlimited per delivery hub

  • Unlimited usage refers to unlimited teams, users, and packages from the single node-locked delivery hub.
  • An additional node-locked testing hub is included for up to 10 users.

Enterprise license

  • Includes enterprise-wide usage to enable multiple delivery hubs, with unlimited usage on each delivery hub.
For more information, please see our Usage Terms and EULA.

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