Genuitec's Blog: August, 2018

React Image Upload – How It’s Done

Posted on Aug 30th 2018
File upload is a very important feature of web applications: it helps facilitate actions like setting a user’s profile picture, setting up dynamic galleries, remote file storage, and file sharing, among many other functionalities. In this article, we will be looking at file upload (more specifically, images), using … Read More

A Day with Dani: Python Support at Its Best

Posted on Aug 14th 2018
Python support provided by CodeMix has proven to make a world of difference to me. In this blog, I will highlight some of my favorite aspects.Intelligent Code Completion and MoreCodeMix IntelliSense tools are amazing, hands down. As shown below you can see an outside Python library import in … Read More

MyEclipse 2018: Java 10, Java EE 8, Code Mining & More!

Posted on Aug 6th 2018
MyEclipse 2018 is here, and as you will see and experience, this release has been well worth the wait. We’ve got Java 10 support, Java EE 8 across our enterprise wizards, and core improvements from building on Eclipse Photon. New features include code mining for efficient source analysis, … Read More

Vue Example: Creating a TODO App using Vue.js 2, Vuex and CodeMix

Posted on Aug 1st 2018
Looking for an efficient way to create web apps? Look no further—CodeMix is here to give you an entirely new experience. The following video shows you how to create a Vue example app, created in Eclipse powered up by CodeMix. CodeMix is an Eclipse plugin that unlocks a wide … Read More
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