Genuitec's Blog: June, 2011

Pulse Private Label: ALM Used by Millions of Customers

Posted on Jun 29th 2011

Pulse Private Label is an application lifecycle management (ALM) technology that helps developers collaborate and deliver software to customers and end-users. Pulse PL is used by known IT vendors, CRM powerhouses, and travel giants worldwide. It is tested and proved on the scale of millions of successful deployments. … Read More

Delivering Eclipse Indigo Projects

Posted on Jun 29th 2011

With the latest release of Eclipse Indigo, check out this presentation on how-to deliver Eclipse RCP projects, manage IDEs in the enterprise, and package an OEM solution. If you have any questions please submit them in comments and we’ll pass over to our delivery engineers. This slide deck … Read More

Applying Page Transition Effects to Mobile Apps – MobiOne

Posted on Jun 28th 2011

The MobiOne Visual Designer enables user interface pages to be linked together such that users of your app can navigate forward and backward through the app’s user interface. In addition to specifying the linkage between pages, users can also specify the visual transition effect for each link. You … Read More

Emailing, Placing Calls, or Sending SMS with MobiOne

Posted on Jun 27th 2011

Using the MobiOne Visual Designer, it is simple to configure components in your application to place calls, send an email, or send a text message (SMS). The process involves configuring the Link property of the component, such as a button, that will initiate the communication. You enter a … Read More

Eclipse Indigo Tip: 250MB Reports package or 160MB Reports package?

Posted on Jun 22nd 2011

It’s a big day in the Eclipse community with the release of Indigo, and as a founding member of the Foundation we’re thankful for all work that community members put into this new release train. Great job to all in involved. 🙂 Here’s a quick tip, to save … Read More

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