Genuitec's Blog: May, 2016

Using Custom Actions in Sapphire

Posted on May 30th 2016
In previous articles, I’ve discussed how to create custom XML bindings and custom editing UI for an editor based on the great Eclipse Sapphire framework. Now let’s take a look at another aspect of editor UI creation, customizing standard actions like Add or Browse, or creating completely custom … Read More

Top 5 Free In-Browser Games

Posted on May 27th 2016
Sometimes you just want to have some fun with your coworkers while you wait for a product build. Or, maybe you just need a moment to relax after a busy week. Taking a break is always well received—maybe you like to chat with coworkers, watch fun videos on … Read More

The Virtue of Failing Fast

Posted on May 25th 2016
I have not failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.— Thomas Alva EdisonThis comes as no surprise, but not every idea will be a winner in the marketplace. We all fail sometimes, for a variety of reasons, some within our control and some not. And it’s … Read More

JavaScript Linters, even in your IDE!

Posted on May 23rd 2016
What is a Linter?Linters are Code Quality Inspectors, which work by basically parsing your code. They check JavaScript code for common mistakes and discrepancies without running the application.You can plug linters into your code editor or copy and paste your code into any standard online linting tool. Linting … Read More
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