Genuitec's Blog: June, 2013

See our Slick New One-Click Migration for WAS Developers

Posted on Jun 27th 2013

Let’s be honest – Migrating from IBM Rational to MyEclipse Blue has always been a pain in the rear! While many of you have been happy to take the time needed to go through our Migration Wizard, it’s still been a longer process  than you’d prefer. This blow … Read More

Have No Fear, Geeks! Despite the Zombie Apocalypse, Our Tools Are Available in the Cloud!

Posted on Jun 26th 2013

In light of the recent Zombie Apocalypse occurring on the heels of Eclipse Kepler’s release, Genuitec is working hard to ensure we have an active Preparedness Plan to combat this devastating event and provide as much protection for you as we can. As part of our now active … Read More

Watch CERN’s Talk from EclipseCon France

Posted on Jun 7th 2013

CERN’s chat at EclipseCon France has garnered major interest from fellow Eclipse users. We’re stoked to have a copy of their session from the conference, where CERN shares how they are managing the delivery of Eclipse throughout their organization. You can view the recorded session below to mull over it … Read More

Thanks to CERN, SDC Gets Buzzworthy!

Posted on Jun 5th 2013

Genuitec’s Secure Delivery Center (SDC) gained some incredible buzz today during a session with CERN at EclipseCon France. We’ve mentioned in previous blogs how CERN adopted SDC  to facilitate rapid tooling support  and ensure standardization of tooling used to create programs to communication with their Large Hadron Collider … Read More