Genuitec's Blog: July, 2013

Set up & Deliver Eclipse Packages with SDC

Posted on Jul 25th 2013
About This Video: Witness the power of SDC to set-up and ship Eclipse packages. It’s the easiest way to share custom IDE profiles with your software included, the Eclipse software, any plugins, or 3rd party apps. Try it out today for free: https://www.genuitec.com/sdc/

SDC 2013 SR2: Now with Eclipse RCP Delivery and Eclipse 4.3 Kepler

Posted on Jul 25th 2013
About This Video: See Genuitec’s Secure Delivery Center’s awesome new features including seamless Eclipse rich-client (RCP) delivery using visual configuration, Eclipse 4.3 Kepler support, and advanced workspace automation all over complex and potentially secure networks. http://genuitec.com/sdc/download.php Get started with SDC 2013 SR2 today with turnkey delivery, easy Eclipse … Read More

Keeping Things in Perspective: 5 Tips in Surviving the Technology Industry

Posted on Jul 23rd 2013
A friend once told me, “The goal of every company is to survive long enough to get lucky”.  I remember getting a hardy chuckle at how profound and funny it was.  But starting Genuitec in the wake of the dot.com economy and post 9/11, the saying took on … Read More
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