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Genuitec Turns 15: w00t!

Posted on Jun 9th 2016
Hi, this is Wayne, one of the Genuitec founders. This is a special week as Genuitec celebrates its 15th anniversary. Its been an awesome personal and team adventure serving the Java, web and mobile developer communities with our programming tools and tool management platform. From day #1 our … Read More

Let Them Storm the Beaches

Posted on Jun 2nd 2016
Getting old really sucks. Running is my stress relief. It is also my feeble and losing battle with time. My 45 min running route gives me a 2 mile reprieve onto the soft sand along the beach. With summertime upon us, kids dart in and out of the … Read More

The Virtue of Failing Fast

Posted on May 25th 2016
I have not failed. I’ve just found ten thousand ways that won’t work.— Thomas Alva EdisonThis comes as no surprise, but not every idea will be a winner in the marketplace. We all fail sometimes, for a variety of reasons, some within our control and some not. And it’s … Read More
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