Genuitec's Blog: August, 2015

Ready for Eclipse Night London?

Posted on Aug 26th 2015
Hi fellow coders!Genuitec knows how important is for a developer to know the recent technologies and the releases of the programs they use to create their awesome code. For that reason we thought of creating an event were not only we could talk about this certain topics with … Read More

99 problems, but a JavaScript debugger ain’t one

Posted on Aug 25th 2015
If one or more of these phrases have crossed your mind while debugging, you need help.“Tell them it’s a feature”“Say it’s not supported”“Blame it on the hardware”“Find a way around it”“Tell them they need an upgrade”“Reinstall the software”“Ask for a dump again”“Run with the debugger”“Try to reproduce it”We … Read More

MyEclipse 2015 CI 14 update!

Posted on Aug 13th 2015
Yes! MyEclipse gets better with time. Just like wine. The new 2015 CI 14 update brings you some really amazing features that you can’t pass by!Starting with a robust JavaScript Debugger for Web and Node.js, you’ll be able to use breakpoints in the debugger and use variables and … Read More
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