Genuitec's Blog: March, 2009

Are the Tables Turning in the Java Tools Market?

Posted on Mar 30th 2009
I was recently asked by an analyst if releasing and marketing MyEclipse Blue Edition in today’s economy was a good idea… After all, he reasoned, we’re up against the ‘800 pound gorilla’ that is the IBM Websphere platform, and running against virtually no competitors other than IBM’s own … Read More

Install the Force.com IDE in One Click. Really.

Posted on Mar 27th 2009
Much ado has been made recently about the release of the new Force.com IDE from Salesforce.com. The IDE, as has been discussed, ‘provides developers with tools to customize, integrate and build cloud computing applications on the Force.com platform,’ according to the company’s press release.That’s great news, and congratulations … Read More
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