Posted on Mar 30th 2009

I was recently asked by an analyst if releasing and marketing MyEclipse Blue Edition in today's economy was a good idea... After all, he reasoned, we're up against the '800 pound gorilla' that is the IBM Websphere platform, and running against virtually no competitors other than IBM's own WSAD and RAD.

It was a reasonable question. Mid-recession while companies 'hold down the fort' and amid a depleted pool of potential customers is not the 'optimal' time to explore new product opportunities. To attempt a major push of MyEclipse Blue Edition now would seem, at the outset, a classic blunder.

Which is why our analyst was surprised that the answer was "Yes, absolutely. It's a PERFECT time for this."

Let me explain why: in an economic downturn, the focus of businesses naturally turn inwards. Maintenance becomes mandatory. Penny-pinching is preferred. Risk-aversion is required and cost-cutting is commonplace. Retreating to stable environments or companies is prudent.

So, sticking with the IBM family of tools makes sense, right? Perhaps. But WSAD and RAD are no longer the only kids on the block that fit the above criteria. Genuitec is bringing to market an award-winning product that is feature-for-feature a practical equivalent to IBM development tools.

MyEclipse's agility is unmatched in the tools market with 4-6 releases per year. The open standards upon which MyEclipse is based ensure longevity and broad compatibility that is the most comprehensive in Java tooling. The parent company behind MyEclipse, Genuitec, LLC, (founded in 1997) is not going anywhere – while some companies are shutting their doors, Genuitec is growing (yes, GROWING) in this economy. Legacy code bases are safe with dual-compatibility technologies; work with both MyEclipse Blue and RAD side-by side on new and/or legacy projects without risk. And the real kicker... MyEclipse Blue Edition is completely risk-free from a monetary point of view; it carries a money-back guarantee to compliment its low price point of $150/year (96% cheaper than RAD in license costs alone).

Why would companies in today's environment NOT give it a try? The risk is literally zero, and the upside potential for savings and productivity is through the roof. So, while the old adage may go 'no one gets fired for choosing IBM,' the current market makes that traditional assumption a bit more complicated. The proverbial fallback may have been a 'safe' standard for decades. But the landscape is changing as of now.

Here are a few fun facts:

  • MyEclipse Blue Edition is $150 per year. RAD is over $4400.
  • MyEclipse Blue releases 4 to 6 times per year. RAD is once every 2 to 3 years (up to an 18:1 ratio).
  • MyEclipse integrates popular open source components like Hibernate. RAD does not.
  • MyEclipse allows you to work with WSAD/RAD projects without migrating or converting them.
  • MyEclipse allows for legacy code maintenance of WSAD and RAD projects.
  • MyEclipse is WebSphere 7 compatible, along with support for WebSphere 5.x, and 6.x.
  • MyEclipse comes with full support included with absolutely no additional or recurring cost.
  • MyEclipse licenses are transferable (no 'floating license' additional costs).
  • MyEclipse will not require you to upgrade your infrastructure; it even runs on your laptop.
  • Buy once, use anywhere. No restrictions on country of purchase, licensee specificity or complex reseller network requirements.
  • MyEclipse has a money-back guarantee. If MyEclipse Blue Edition's can not save you time and money, we will give it to you – for free. No risks, no questions asked.

Before paying thousands for an upgrade to the latest RAD release or carrying the annual maintenance burden, why not give MyEclipse Blue Edition a try? You have nothing to lose – except your headache.