Genuitec's Blog: October, 2011

IBM WebSphere and Rational Users, A Must Attend Webinar on New Tools That Kill Redeploys and Enhance App Development

Posted on Oct 26th 2011
On Thursday, October 27 at 12:00 P.M. EDT (16:00 UTC) we’ll show you the time-saving advantages and IDE advancements with JRebel for MyEclipse Blue Along with ZeroTurnaround we’re conducting a free webinar following the release of “JRebel for MyEclipse Blue.” This combination pack eliminates redeploy times to IBM … Read More

Go Bloat Yourself (With RAD)

Posted on Oct 18th 2011
We love IBM®. It’s the 800 lb gorilla in the Java market, and one of the key drivers behind Apache, Eclipse and enterprise innovation. They have the power and clout to create lasting, evolving marketplaces. Thumbs up. But, we have a serious bone to pick with a company that … Read More

iOS5 Update Error 3200, or -48?

Posted on Oct 12th 2011
Update: Development of MobiOne has been discontinued. Read the End of Life Notice for more information. Are you having problems downloading and installing the new iOS5? We’re seeing loads of folks experiencing this issue both internally, with friends, and out in the social media realm (Twitter is even … Read More
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