Genuitec's Blog: January, 2012

Deliver Popular, Certified Eclipse Plugins Inside the Firewall

Posted on Jan 31st 2012
Our Secure Delivery Center now includes popular Eclipse plugins in a certified, vetted format that are integrity tested and intended for use within the enterprise. Companies can now offer these certified Eclipse packs internally and know that the code bases have not been tampered with. Rather than setting … Read More

As Tablet Sales Double in One Month, App Developer Demand Increases

Posted on Jan 25th 2012
Genuitec’s  MobiOne has seen its download numbers increase by 55 percent during the holiday months cited in a Pew Internet & American Life Project report. Web developers, marketers, and others find MobiOne’s ability to quickly create App Store-ready apps a key in keeping up with user demand for … Read More

Webinar: Design and Build Native iOS Apps on Windows with MobiOne

Posted on Jan 24th 2012
This is exciting, knocking down walls that Apple has put up. This time we lasered-in on native iOS app development and removed the need for a Mac or the know-how of learning Objective-C. How did we do it, how did Genuitec make native app building possible using a … Read More

Watch MobiOne Build an App Store-ready Native App

Posted on Jan 17th 2012
So that’s it, the title says it all. MobiOne is really a revolutionary product – just watch the video to see why.  Of note, you don’t need to know any code or Objective-C (Apple’s code). You don’t need to buy a Mac (a hidden cost to app development).  All … Read More

Design and Build Native iOS Apps on Windows with MobiOne, No Mac or Objective-C Needed

Posted on Jan 10th 2012
Our newest technology break-through for iPhone, iPad and iPod app development means Windows users can now create native iOS apps and webapps without owning a Mac or knowing Objective-C. These two Apple requirements are “hidden costs” that quickly add-up to thousands of dollars and make the prospect of … Read More
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