Genuitec's Blog: March, 2013

We’re at EclipseCon, Where are You?

Posted on Mar 25th 2013
EclipseCon kicks off today and we’re ecstatic to be apart of this conference once again! Today, we’ll be unveiling the new look and capabilities of MyEclipse 2013 which is scheduled for release next week, April 1st! Beginning April 1st, you can download MyEclipse 2013 here. MyEclipse 2013 will delight Eclipse … Read More

HTML5 Fears? MyEclipse 2013 turns your Woes into Wows!

Posted on Mar 20th 2013
With so many tools available and so much confusion as to which of these technologies and frameworks will stand the test of time, it’s extremely difficult for end-users to decipher which tools to use today to ensure their apps have a place in future markets. Even here at … Read More

Go Mobile with the New MyEclipse 2013!

Posted on Mar 14th 2013
Did you hear that? Zipppp…That’s the sound of the cat being let out of the bag! The forthcoming MyEclipse 2013 will boast the ability to send your projects, new and legacy, to not only your desktop but mobile devices as well, empowering enterprise Java developers to go-mobile without learning … Read More

Adjusting the Salesperson Mentality

Posted on Mar 7th 2013
When people hear “Sales”, terms like lead generation, qualification, pain points and cold calling probably come to mind – most likely along with an audible groan. I completely understand, I am a sales person who HATES to be sold.  We all hate a pushy person who presumes to … Read More
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