Posted on Mar 14th 2013

Did you hear that? Zipppp...That's the sound of the cat being let out of the bag! The forthcoming MyEclipse 2013 will boast the ability to send your projects, new and legacy, to not only your desktop but mobile devices as well, empowering enterprise Java developers to go-mobile without learning anything new.

The new MyEclipse 2013 workbench will provide developers with Cross-Platform Mobile Tools designed on the popular Cordova/PhoneGap platform container. MyEclipse 2013 with Mobile Tools puts the power of HTML5 and JQuery in your hands (or any other popular Javascript library) - making you not only a master of code but NOW a master of mobile development - without the horror of having to learn new coding languages, we might add!

With the power of HTML5, you'll be able to add audio, video, and API elements to your projects to create complex web applications for mobile devices (Android, iOs) and across Linux, Mac and PC desktops.  Mobile Tools will fully support all Cordova/PhoneGap API's, giving you more freedom of expression. MyEclipse 2013 Mobile Tools will also support JQuery, the most popular JavaScript library in use today. With JQuery you'll be able to enhance your projects via plug-ins and add animations to your designs.

MyEclipse 2013 with Mobile Tools packs a powerful punch that you won't be able to resist! We look forward to seeing how you expand your projects with our extensible frameworks.

We hope you're as excited as we are about MyEclipse 2013, please be sure to check back regularly for release updates or grab the Preview Release here!